Repashy Calcium Plus and Supplement Questions

So we've had our baby beardie for about a month now. He is around 2-3 months old and we've been trying to figure out a good supplement schedule for him. We are currently using Repshay Calcium plus 3 times a week and Rep-cal Calcium without D3 the other remaining days of the week. I was under the impression that Repshay Calcium Plus is a great product, but after doing some research I've read from a few lists online that it can be dangerous with Vitamin A and should only be provided once a week?

I am just curious on who here uses Repshay and if they have ever experienced any Vitamin A toxicity with their beardie. I hope I am just being paranoid about this.

We currently have him in a 120 Gal tank with an HR T5 10.0 UVB tube lite running across a third of the enclosure starting on the basking side. We have to heat lamps with one on a dimmer to hit the perfect basking temps for when it gets a bit colder in the apartment. Pic attached.

Thank you for any advice as this is all very overwhelming.

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The calcium plus is a good all in one product that I've used for years. If you're offering a light, even coat then I doubt it will cause any problems. If you want to be cautious, what I would do is pick up some plain calcium like SuperCal NoD and you can use that most days and add a multivitamin or the calcium plus in its place every few days.

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