1. catwu20

    Muscle twitching?

    Left my beardie with my parents for a month. When I got back, she's personally looking pretty unhealthy and disheveled. It's hard for me to explain, but she has an anxious look in her eyes and she's lost weight. Her skin is wrinkly and saggy now. I have no idea what happened, they're still...
  2. madilian9

    Too much or too little calcium?

    My bearded dragon (3 and a half ish years old, rescue) Cadmus is just waking up from brumation and I am not sure if this is related. I had him out today feeding him some dusted wax worms and meal worms (he’s a bit skinny, hence the regular waxworms) as well as dusted fresh kale and a beardie...
  3. Jupitertheking

    How much to dust and how to teach it to eat salad?

    Hi, I have a bearded dragon who is named Jupiter. Jupiter is about 4 month old and he is doing really well and he is extremely healthy but he has not been eating he is salads much and sometimes I feel like he is scared of the greens because when I try to hand feed him the greens he runs always...
  4. F

    Repashy Calcium Plus and Supplement Questions

    So we've had our baby beardie for about a month now. He is around 2-3 months old and we've been trying to figure out a good supplement schedule for him. We are currently using Repshay Calcium plus 3 times a week and Rep-cal Calcium without D3 the other remaining days of the week. I was under the...
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