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Jasper's Mom

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I love the beardie flotation device. That's genius!!! I would make one for Jasper, but he would find a way to capsize it. :roll:

Taryn, I love Fudgie's pink leese. She looks pretty round in that pic too!

Thor's Mom":b5408 said:
I bet if Jasper went to the park in one of his outfits that people would approach and ask and learn.

That's one of the reasons I love his little outfits so much - it makes him more accessible to people. It's actually at the point where when we go to the park, I bring a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse, because I know that people will be coming up to ask questions, and I want to let them touch him. I once ran into a daycare group at the park, and I gave them BD101 and let them all pet Jasper. The big ham loved it, and hopefully those kids (and their teacher!) will go forward with a more positive attitude about reptiles.


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I love everyones leeses! CUTE PICS!

YAY!!! I want to add a pointless post, and OFF TOPIC!!! Ohhh the shame!
(actually I have been looking for a reason to post this, my boyfriends daughter (15 years old) made this for me last week)



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This is sooooo NOT a pointless topic... I'm having a wonderful laugh! :blob5: Where else could I have seen a beardie on a raft (going to make one for Yoda, too, now). Very cute get-ups for Jasper!! I think I have some Polly Pocket hats that might fit Yoda right now (he's so little). How do you get them to stay on?
Thank you to the (now deflated) troll who started all this. :blob5: It backfired on ya!


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More pointlessness!

This was my (pointless) Christmas card that I sent to ALL of our friends and family this year!!!


My babies don't have leashes, but they can be acrobats!







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Ah yes .. SO pointless..

I mean why do something that brings us no joy or hapiness.. We should all just leave our beardies locked up where they belong and not interact with them at all.. Pointless.. :roll:

Im guessing the troll is long gone ..

Guys - Everyones pics rock.. Congrats on enjoying your pets, interacting with them and giving them the best damn care out there.. I think we have all have a pretty decent looking group of beardies!!!!


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i bet he doesnt even own a beardie, i mean, if he DID he might actually know why we do all these "pointless" things, and why we love them and their personalities soooo much! And even if he DID own a beardie, im sure it isnt a very happy one, like most of ours!

i think when he said "we dont need to know if your beardie went outside" he was talking about my post how i brought Elvis outside for the first time the otherday. but oh well :roll: what can he do about it??? just because one person doesnt want to know doesnt mean the rest dont either. this site is the BEST!!!

Rock on Beardeddragon.org!!! :headbang: :headbang: :D :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :blob8: :blob5:

Thor's Mom

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want to add a pointless post, and OFF TOPIC!!! Ohhh the shame!
(actually I have been looking for a reason to post this, my boyfriends daughter (15 years old) made this for me last week)

OMG! LOL! :laughhard: :headbang: :laughhard: :headbang: :laughhard: :headbang:

That is the funniest thing I have seen today. Thanks for sharing Jiffy. Off to clean the freshly snorted out my nose Rockstar Energy Drink off of my computer screen.

Awesome post guys!



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:laughhard: :laughhard: :laughhard: :laughhard: I just got done reading ALL this and am dying over here. Here's another pointless post...I just had Lily outside on her leese because I don't need a lost beardie. If it wasn't for THIS site I wouldn't have my Lily...so :bleick: :mrgreen:


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I thought you might all like to know I took Loki outside the other day, and she bearded at a hawk that was watching her.
And I gave her a bath.
And i fed her.
And on and on and on.............
Anyway, I must say this thread had totally made my day, I haven't laughed so much in ages. But, Jasper has stole the entire thread with his gorgeous outfits! I just love him!


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Wow LSorrent, I am pretty sure your beardies should be in the circus!!! That is pretty amazing!

**And Remi says he is still waiting on his cheezburger!! He is trying to figure out if you can email them to him as an attachment. If not he says airmail will do! :lol: :lol:


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Well, since we are all open about problems. I have a problem with people that have poor grammar and spelling that try to sound like they know a thing or two. But that's just me :D

I actually enjoy some of the pointless posts. They are usually different and strike interesting conversation. That's what the forum is about. Posting whatever your little heart desires, and people to read and comment if they like, or read and leave alone if they don't like. Simple action of choice.

I LOVE all the nonsense fellow BD.org members, keep it flowin! haha

All those 'pointless' pictures of BD's on a "leesh otside wit costumz" OWN!!

To add, I also love how this nasty posted turned into something great! THIS IS WHY I LOVE this place! We spun that crap into something worth a damn! :: retard claps :: haha
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