Next Kansas City Reptile Show?

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I went to the last one and it sucked.2 beardie babies.No UvB bulbs, No reptariums, no roaches, no cornsnakes, no ball pythons.Nothing nothing and more nothings.


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Where at? The one at the Overland Park convention center? Or the one in Independence?


The one in Overland park on Reeder road.We drove 2hrs to get there and were sooo disappointed.We went in March.They have them every two months I think.I didnt know they had one in Indep.
Last fall we went to the one in Manhattan KS and it was 3 times as big.With really good prices too.
But they only have one a year.
The KC one did have a ton of colombian tegus that they failed to mention were "colombians" and were selling as Black and white tegus(trying to pass them off as Argentines ) on more then one table too :? ..They just had eclectic stuff, a red iguana here,a knight anole there.A bunch of frogs and turantulas but no pacmans(we were looking for one)..One very small table of overpriced boas.
One blood python, not a single carpet python either.A few leopard geckos but nothing outstanding.


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There was one in independence at a hotel but it thoroughly sucked. It was only the size of a conference room and there wasn't much to look at. We stayed maybe 45 minutes at best.


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rockosdragonranch":g84228vm said:
Is there another show after May 15th?

Yes, here is a list of the show dates for the Overland Park, KS Go Lizards show

2011 Show Dates:

May 15
July 16-17
September 18
November 13

Go Lizards also does a show in Tulsa, OK


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In a crazy snap decision we are going to vendor the KC Reptile Show on Sunday.

KC Reptile Show
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, KS 66214
(Intersection n 87th St where I-69 and I-35 cross the street)
Next Show - May 15th, 2011
10 am - 4 pm Sunday Only
Daily pass: $5 Adults, $3 Children 6-12 , Kids 5 and under FREE


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Roaches, asfs, possibly some dumbo and hairless dumbo rats. My Leashes!! And I don't know what else yet. lol
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