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Beardies are for sure great, but if your going to get one, research research and research some more. The biggest mistake most people make is not understanding how to properly set up their habitats and that causes more problems then you can imagine. If you don't get their uvb and basking correct from the beginning they will not thrive. Also you need to understand their nutritional needs and at each age because they change as they grow.
This site has some really good guides and there is a lot of folks here that can and will help you. Never guess, just ask. :)


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wanting to get a bd so bad but waiting to find a vet near me .
hi peter- yes im a new mom to a 4month old BD- i’ve always wanted BD for as long as i can remember- MISTAKE # 1i didn’t do my do diligence & research- #2 i read at Petsmart tht BDs are for Beginners (B.S) #3 I DIDNT DO MY RESEARCH… BDs are actually a lot of wrk- the older ones not as much-but they need fresh greens & u hve to peel some skins off certain veggies- & live gut loaded roaches 🪳 (never thought i would pay to bring roaches 🪳 in my house.. LoL) BUT after all tht- i wouldn’t trade her in for nothing- she looks at me & I know I am her protector & she is beginning to finally see tht.. It has taken a minute to gain her trust- oh yeah #4 my house is loud & crazy 3 dogs 2 cats 2daughters 19&23 & my 2yr old grandson- it’s loud- i would hve probably gotten fish had i did my research but shes her till the end!💗💕
wanting to get a bd so bad but waiting to find a vet near me .

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lol i feel like i ask so many questions on this site but i just love it here!
so many questions & not enough days
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