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i would slice by hand, its good to give them some crunch, or you would probably develope problems down the track if you fed them only mushy shredded foods.


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hmm, thanks for the tip. i will try to add some crunch to their diet :wink: .

p.s. what are your thoughts on liquid spray calcium for veggies? is it a suitable substitute for the repcal powder?


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jscott":81550 said:
hmm, thanks for the tip. i will try to add some crunch to their diet :wink: .

p.s. what are your thoughts on liquid spray calcium for veggies? is it a suitable substitute for the repcal powder?

the liquid calcium (T-rex is the best kind) is good, although it doesnt have D3 added. so IMO repcal is the best to use as an allround calcium suppliment.

i personally, use Rep-cal calcium D3, Rep-cal Hertivite Multivitamin, and a Wombaroo Protein supplement. for my adults i dust their feeders, and occasionally the proetin suppliment on their salad or tweeser fed. once a month i also give them accidopholis, t-rex liquid cal, and repti-aid as an extra boost.

i try hard not to over-suppliment, take into consideration how much food their is in comparison to supplements.


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to all you LG ADDICTS:

i just put up an update. unfortunately it got put on the previous page. there are a couple pictures of LG as well as 2 new videos :wink: .


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Hi Jason I love the pic's of L.G. as usuall. :D
And the videos are great!
I love the way they lick their little chops when they discover they like a certain flavor. :love5:
Poopy video was cute too! :lol: Amazing how quick they will move to get away from their own poop. :bleick:

He is just to cute. :love5:

Are you feeling better? I surely hope so! :)

Thanks for my L.G. fix! :blob8:


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Hi Jason,

As always, I enjoyed the vids of LG. It is good to see her doing so well, and it's good to hear you are on the mend too. About the crunchy stuff, my guys like the stems of the collards as much or more than the leaves. I also keep a dish of greens and moist Repcal juvie food in with the babies. They knock some out of the dish, where it dries again. Some of them seem to like the dry at this point, because I hear the random crunch while I'm working on other things. A few of the biggest ones, Uno, Monet and Big, but also little Tweezie have all been caught going for the crunch! :laughing6: Love to you and your growing herd! :love5:


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Hey Jason,

LG always makes me smile :D Love how he ran away from the poo, He can really get going when he wants to. :D

As for the crunch......as the above poster said......I sometimes keep moist pellets in his viv during the day incase he gets hungry while I'm at work......mine waits till the pellets dry up then eats them when they are crunchy. Never seen him eat them moist come to think of it. I have fed most of the pellets to the crickets :roll:

Glad you're feeling better :D

Take care and best wishes to LG, Mayze and Trouble


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for my studies in companion animals, animal science (in my efforts to work in a zoological park ;) ) ive managed to put BOTH zack and wheezie AND LG in my presentation on Bearded dragons.

ive had to cramp it all into 15 minuets... i know it will run over 30 mins.. LOL


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atreyu917":7c37b said:
Denise Bushnell":7c37b said:

If there is any way that you can share your presentation, I'd love to read/see it!

oooooh i second that!
A third here! I am beginning the process of developing a program for teachers using beardies as classroom pets, and like to see any new resources I can find. I may also be working with a local nature center that takes animals to meet seniors with their companion animal program, so I would really love to see your presentation!


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well, i think everyone knows about the poor little lizard i brought home; he fought to hold on for about a week... now hes not in pain at least :( .

sunkist, hes growing cuter by the day :wink: .

barbara, his appetite has been up and down lately. today was a hungry day and he ate like a pig. thanks for the comments, and sorry i havent been updating very often. real life has me down lately...

lizardgrrl, thanks :D . every week i try to give my dragons something new off of the safe list. so far ive tried mustard greens, collard greens, dandilion greens, celery, bell peppers, tango, endive, yellow squash, blueberries and rosemary. out of those, the favorites are bell pepper(Troubles fave), mustard greens(Mayzes fave) and yellow squash(LGs fave).

it seems the different textures and flavors keep them interested in their veggies. i suppose variety IS the spice of life :wink: .

luvthydragon, yes he really can move when hes motivated. thats one thing i havent tried yet is moist pellets. i think ill try those next. i really want to get some phoenix worms but their so expensive and i can only find them online. im going to wait till i get some more money before trying those. thanks again :D .

kirby, wow! very cool 8) . ill have to get LG his own agent now :roll: . i meant to reply to you earlier, i just got caught up in day-to-day drama. thanks again for posting that last week, it brightened up my day :mrgreen: .

denise, hey you :D . havent touched bases in a while. ive been loving those emails you send. that one a while back of the deer coming up to those people was amazing. once again, sorry if i havent said hi in a while :wink: .

atreyu917, have you heard anything more about this? i havent been on as much as id like.

ok everyone, well like i said ive been pretty busy. i usually dont get home till about 8pm and by that time all the good photo opportunities are gone.

i did get this one video the other day, LG was being obnoxious trying to eat anything he could reach, anything...

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