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thanks everyone. ive been so tired the last couple weeks, i havent updated my threads as much as i used to :oops: . rest assured, LG and the others are still getting their daily dose of love and attention.

this morning LG was up early(i guess beardies dont pay attention to daylight savings :roll: ), so i turned the lights on over his cage. since daylight savings began i have had more time in the mornings and LG is usually the beneficiary :mrgreen: .

he isnt so unpredictable in the mornings; he likes to take it easy and doesnt move that much. we sat out there for about 25min and i think he really likes the morning basking periods.

he got a salad and about 12 crickets in him before he was stuffed. later on in the day(about an hour ago) he got another 10-12 and filled up. hes slowly starting to eat more though i dont notice him growing(maybe alittle wider).

right now hes under his basking light. i usually turn off his UV about an hour before i turn off the heat lamp, that way he doesnt experience such an abrupt change.

no new pics... im shopping around for a camera right now, hopefully ill be getting some nice pics up in a little while. untill then, ill try to get some low res ones from my phone :roll: .

thanks again everyone :wink: .


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Yeah an LG update!!!!

I'm glad he's doing good... I can understand about not being able to get online. I have a personal forum that I never get on anymore (but mine's because I'm on here all the time).


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hey everyone i finaly have a couple of pics. hes getting less active and i think it has something to do with nighttime temps. he has a little cloth bed but sometimes he falls alseep on the tile and overnight it just sucks the heat out of him. ive been toying with the idea of installing a heat pad under the tiles attached to a rheostat. i would only keep them heated to 70-75 degrees or so, just warm enough to keep him comfy.

ive been taking him out at least once a day and he is just as wild; im always having to sit down right next to him so he doesnt eat sticks and leaves. when he sees my hand coming to cover something up he tries to rush over and grab it before i do :roll: .

well here are those pics:



sorry i dont have any more right now. i uploaded some vids of T&M and it took quite a while. now i have to go post those, but i will take some outside videos of LG tommorow :wink: .
Great to see him doing so well and have a strong healthy attitude. Is that bubble wrap for a substrate? If it is it got me thinking if you get small bubble wrap that has a smooth surface on the bottom and a bubble surface on the top he could use the bubbles as leverage to increase mobility to chase down slow moving food. Just my thoughts (I have many thoughts - most get me in trouble with my wife LOL)


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Aawww! I just love Little Guy he is so precious. :love5:

Jason funny that you mentioned hooking a heat pad to a rheostat.............Frank an I were thinking of doing that same thing for Bender. I already have the rheostat for the incubator that's not in use at this time an of course several heat pads from before I joined this site. :roll:

Thanks for the new pic's of LG! :D


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nope, no bubble wrap :mrgreen: . its actually a ceramic tile flipped upside down. the face of the tile was too slick but the back was the perfect texture.

thanks again everyone, ill try to take those vids today at lunch(if i get one).


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Hi Jason!

It's always wonderful to see your updates on LG! :love5: Even if I don't always respond, you can be sure I always check them! :laughing6:

The one note of caution I will make on the heat pads, try them on the side of the tank, rather than underneath, because if they should malfunction, I (and of course you and the rest of LG's fans) would hate to see LG get burned, even a little bit. You are such a tenderheart, (like most of us :wink: ) and I don't think it's worth the risk to put heat pads under the tiles.


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jscott":782a0 said:
nope, no bubble wrap :mrgreen: . its actually a ceramic tile flipped upside down. the face of the tile was too slick but the back was the perfect texture.
I knew it looked familiar! :lol:
Frank built a tile hide and basking spot for Itty Bitty and the ramp is a narrow piece of tile upside down so she could grip it.


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ive actually scrapped the heat pad idea for now. im trying to get my hands on a ceramic heat emmiter through the internet. basically as soon as i get some cash ill be ordering it.

tommorow(today really) is my day off. ill be sure to take a couple vids of LG. i know i havent been updating his thread as much and for that i appologize. truth is, he is already getting sleepy by the time i get home in the evening. hes quite active in the day(when im not home) and thats when i try to get all the pics/vids.

thanks again everyone :wink: .


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sorry i couldnt get these pics up earlier today guys, my phone has been missing most of the day and i have only recently found it and uploaded these pictures and video.

p.s. sorry for the lame editing job :lol: , i didnt realize the overlapping pics untill they were already uploaded. oh well, everythings still there, its just not as professional looking :roll: .





heres that video:

once again, i know everyone(barbara-_-) was waiting for me to post these pics... sorry it took so long :oops: .


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The above view picture makes LG remind me of a little turtle!!! haaha. He is so cute, that everytime I see pictures or videos of him I say "awwwwww". He is so adorable and just has the sweetest face (and growing beard!)

beardie osk

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Good morning Jason,

I can relate to your late posting, I'm hoping to get to Bella's today as well.............but it is always nice to see any pics/videos of LG. He is so sweet.......... I love how he moves around............ I'm sure he thinks "that's how all beardie's move"............... it's great how they are so resilient, isn't it? (I sometimes wonder if LG or Bella have flashback nightmares of their early life :shock: )

I was looking at the base of LG's tail, nice and fat.........as sure sign of eating well.......great job in caring for him. :D

Bugs and wishes to all,


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Always happy to see LG. He is a delight. :D Earlier you mentioned that he sometimes falls asleep on the tiles. When Bogie does that I put him on his warm comfy bed. He seems to appreciate it. At least I know he stays warmer. Just a thought.

Sandy H


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atreyu917 - The above view picture makes LG remind me of a little turtle!!!

i got that impression too from those pics.

thanks again :wink: .

beardie osk, i checked out your thread today. its good to know shes letting her guard down(did i already say that), i didnt realize she was so "bitey" in the beginning.

thanks for everything, hope you like the pics :wink: .

protiemama, hes been doing that alot lately(sleeping on cold tile). im thinking about putting in some outdoor carpet like i have in Trouble tank. if i could find one with the right texture it might help him move and provide a warm, comfortable sleeping surface.

enjoy the pics :wink: .

LG started a full body shed today. i helped him alittle, but he did most of it over the course of a couple hours. earlier today i noticed nearly all the skin on his back was loose; several hours later he was almost halfway through it:







he got sleepy before he could finish... he crawled into his HabbaHut to get a fresh start tomorrow morning i suppose.

thats all for now. im going to try to get to Mayze and Trouble's thread before the site goes down for "routine maintenance" :roll: .
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