is this material safe


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Oh she is beautiful 😍 I've been preaching for a while folks are selling them much to young. Newbies have no idea how to care for hatchlings and its the poor babies that suffer for it.
I'll be breeding mine as soon as my sire is ready, but i won't be selling them until they are proven to thrive. (3ish months).
For some reason this thread didn't show back up in my feed after your last posting 🤔
I agree... He sold them at 3 1/2 months
I won't buy my Red 50/50 Monster unless she's 4 months or better. Even experience owners can have problems with 6 week old, like most breeders begin selling.
(2) breeder I deal with House of Dragons New Orleans & Voodoo Dragons Harahan, Louisiana are brothers with quality dragon. Dragons are fecal tested before pickup.
Here's Jethro, the orange head I'll be breeding him with. He has (2) large patches of blue on either side (pic doesn't show well). His mother was mostly blue, Father Red with little orange. So, we're hoping for some blue babies, orange/red, red & zero. Could be a (Heinz Clutch) Fingers crossed on this one!


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yep, I can kick myself in the butt. She was 3 1/2 months old, well established. There are a lot of babies on morph for sale but most are 6 weeks old or younger. Don't want to take a chance on newborn. Too much can go wrong... Especially parasites!
I'll wait for exactly what I want.
This is my brother's female I'm in the process of trying to breed with my male.
1 1/2 years old proven. First clutch 27 eggs which 24 hatched. He sold them for $400 each.
This is Jethro I'll be breeding her with.We should have Rainbow Clutch. He has large blue sides, pic doesn't show that well. So, orange,red,yellow,blue on his family tree. White, orange her family tree.


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Those are going to be very pretty babies. Jethro is beautiful.
I've got two with the blue, one is a tiger the other has blue panels.
When they are fired up the orange and blues are stunning beardies.
Im kindda curious about mixing a hypo zero with the red monsters 👹 i think that could be a cool pairing to.

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