1. zonkey

    What timer for lights?

    Hello all!! I am looking for a timer for the lights for my enclosure so that they will turn on for the morning and off at night automatically. I have no idea how these things work lol, I’ve heard some say you could just use like a Christmas tree timer?? Can you guys point me to a good one to use...
  2. C

    What kind of hood or cover do i use with 75 gallon aqueon aquarium, with a center beam?

    Hey folks. Just like the title states, I am looking to see what the best option for a cover would be for a 75 gallon glass aquarium by aqueon, which has a center beam for support. I am looking for something that will sit flush.. but it feels I am out of luck without building something myself. Am...
  3. alyssa2704

    DIY enclosure complete!

    Hi all!! My DIY enclosure for Leo is now complete after a long month :) I’m pretty proud of it and came out better than I anticipated. Please give me your opinions of it, and potential ways to improve it even more. He does have a food and water bowl the just haven’t been placed in yet. Here’s...
  4. M

    Looking for enclosures

    Hi I’m getting a bearded dragon soon and looking enclosures and enclosures idea I’m located in Bowlinggreen kentucky tia 😁
  5. Chris.

    New build

    Hello community, at the moment I'm away on vacation and my dragon-sitters have accidentally messed up my tank setup quite a bit. So I'm thinking about redoing everything from scratch, having learned my boys preferences since the last time I did set everything up. As he does like to dig from...
  6. rubi9229

    Good sealants for grout? Help appreciated!

    Hi! I'm building some some rocks for Pancake to climb on and I can't decide what kind of sealant to get. The only one I know of is Mod Podge. Is there any sort of master list for sealants? Any recommendations from personal experience (and links if possible!) would be of great help. The grouting...
  7. W

    Vacation enclosure

    We're going on a week-long vacation in a few months and I have no choice but to take my ~10 month old boy Goetta with us. I've been scouring the internet for ideas on travel enclosures, but I'm seeing a lot of mixed responses. One option would be a large storage bin, which I already have one...
  8. J

    is this material safe

    so I need to upgrade but no store near by sells terrariums for reptiles and a larger aquarium is too expensive, so I was wondering if this martial was safe...
  9. goosegoose

    New tank :)

    I just got my beardie into a new tank. It's a 120 gallon 4x2x2 from dubiaroaches. I am going to make a few adjustments but so far this is what I have. I'm going to change the lighting when I get the chance, but there's currently two 100w basking bulbs in the lamps I put a red mark on (basking...
  10. H

    Please help me with UVB lighting

    I have two coil UVB bulbs right now. I bought that as a quick and cheap way to get my new beardies bus UVB until I can research exactly what he needs. I didn’t want to buy expensive lighting before I knew which are correct. He is a rescue and I am a first time owner. I know and understand that...
  11. hakusmom

    Rearranged the enclosure! Thoughts?

  12. S

    Any recommendations for the setup? Ideas for more enrichment?

    I haven’t been able to get Oslo out as much recently- I’ve been very busy and away from home. I feel bad about it, and would love ideas on what I could do to keep him mentally stimulated while I’m gone. Also, disregard the dehumidifiers. We have like 90% humidity here, and his favorite thing...
  13. P

    Setup guidance

    I just bought two 4’2’2 enclosures from zen and I want to know the proper lighting and lighting setup. I bought 150w basking lights and 100w Che’s and T5 uvb and hood 36”. I also wanted to know if substrate is recommended as I was think about it and if so which one? I currently bought the mats...
  14. Gyrffinthedragon

    New Enclosure Photo Gallery!

    Hey all!!! My 120 gal from Zen Habitats came in today!!! I got it all set up and he is LOVING IT. No more depressive behaviors and he’s basking and licking everything 😂 Here are some photos. Please please if you have tips or questions ask them! I’m new to this and I plan on adding ALOT more...
  15. Z

    New Beardie with weird setup and a couple issues

    Hello! I just adopted a beard as a rehome and ive taken care of beardies before but I want second opinions. Birthday is unknown, The last owners had him for 2 years. They had an animal hoarding home to say the least. Now first thing I knew was he is D E H Y D R A T E D. they told me they brought...
  16. T

    Lighting Questions

    Hi everyone I just finished installing my new zen habitat 4x2x2 enclosure. I have some questions about the lighting. 1. My heat lamp is on top of the screen (24 inches) far away from my bearded dragon. Is this too far? Due to it having a long wire the only other place for it would be about 10...
  17. Spider8ait1994

    Outdoor natural sunlight time

    Hi everyone. I figured I’d make a post here about my DIY Outdoor setup I’ve made for my dragons so they can get time in the natural sunlight and stay safe at the same time. The setup is pretty simple so you don’t need to be extremely skilled. What you’ll need: stiff wire mesh panels A roll of...
  18. kenobisaber

    Better Fitting Lid

    One of my dragons Tigger lives in an Exo-Terra® Natural Terrarium Reptile Habitat 36x18x18 for the time being while I wait for replacement parts on his 4x2x2.. I hated the cross t lid so I got a screen cover from Thrive where it’s just screen no cross t. Is there any better fitting lids? I feel...
  19. T

    Safest ways to hang T5 hood?

    Hi everyone! I just got a new enclosure that is 4x2x2 ft. I want to make sure that I hang the T5 UVB the right way. I know to do it on the inside of the enclosure but I am petrified about it falling on him. With my old enclosure I just cut a hole in the screen, but that wont work with this one...
  20. smaugthebeardie3756

    New enclosure setup feedback

    I'm looking for any feedback on my guy's enclosure setup. It is a Zen 4x2x2. The basking bulb over the hammock is Exo Terra 150W intense basking bulb, UVB is a 48" Reptisun T5 with a 10.0 bulb. Top is the wide hole screen top that came with the enclosure. The top of the hide on the cool side is...
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