is she overweight?

is she overweight? i am still trying to get her to eat greens but there is some progress, she eats crickets every other day but i am going to start eating less but shes just very picky. she loves flowers dandelion greens and parsley i am going to get her kale and squash soon. she goes and and runs around a few times a week, she is almost never lazy(only really when shes hungry) i dont want her to to be unhealthy, please give me any advice you know of


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How long is she? My male is 24 inches and weights 947 grams. His vet has told me both the last visits that he is not overweight.

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When considering weight of a beardie you usually consider length + bone structure as well. An adult human that is 5'8" tall will usually weigh less than someone that is 6'4" or over. She looks a little chubby but it depends on her length + weight. If she doesn't gain anymore it would probably be fine.

xp29 I'm going to go through your pics to see your monster. Most dragons over 900 are kind of on the chubby side but it might just be a heavy built dude dragon.


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This pic is from a couple days ago


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