1. adambeck

    Reptile shop says my beardie is fat, that I should stop feeding him insects???

    Hello from Japan! I’ve been meaning to reach out for impressions about my beardie, Yogi, because I’ve been confused about his weight and about feeding him. This past weekend, though, he stayed in the “pet hotel” at our local reptile shop (where we originally got Yogi) and the guy there told me...
  2. S

    Brumating? Eggs? Overweight?

    TLDR Hi, our female beardie has been slowing down eating a bit and starting to spend more time in her hide. It's our first beardie so was wondering if we could get some guidance on her behavior. She's not showing abnormal stress lines, any mucus, and poop looks normal (more details below). We...
  3. S

    is she overweight?

    is she overweight? i am still trying to get her to eat greens but there is some progress, she eats crickets every other day but i am going to start eating less but shes just very picky. she loves flowers dandelion greens and parsley i am going to get her kale and squash soon. she goes and and...
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