1. S

    Questions about weight

    My little rescue girl, Lemon, is about eight years old (according to her previous owner), and came to us looking very emaciated and malnourished, dehydrated, and pretty much unable to move around because of muscle atrophy and MBD. She was living in a too-small setup with repticarpet, a single...
  2. adambeck

    Reptile shop says my beardie is fat, that I should stop feeding him insects???

    Hello from Japan! I’ve been meaning to reach out for impressions about my beardie, Yogi, because I’ve been confused about his weight and about feeding him. This past weekend, though, he stayed in the “pet hotel” at our local reptile shop (where we originally got Yogi) and the guy there told me...
  3. S

    is she overweight?

    is she overweight? i am still trying to get her to eat greens but there is some progress, she eats crickets every other day but i am going to start eating less but shes just very picky. she loves flowers dandelion greens and parsley i am going to get her kale and squash soon. she goes and and...
  4. A

    How do I help my beardie grow?

    I have an 11-month-old beardie named Matilda (Tilly for short) and I'm really concerned that she is extremely small for her age. I measured her this morning and she's about 13 inches and 129 grams. From what I've seen online she is way smaller than what she is supposed to be. I want to know how...
  5. dogndragonmom

    Weight gain in adult dragon

    Hi there, We rescued Cheech on 11/22 and he had his first vet visit with us on 12/13. They did everything, labs, xrays and fecal to check his health and give us a baseline for him. His fecal was negative and his labs were ok. His xrays were also good. He was having some loose stools, so we...
  6. O

    Overweight dragon?

    My girl Pancake is 588 grams, ~19" long, 3 years old, likes to lay infertile eggs, and takes massive poos. Some say she's healthy but the vet says she's overweight. Her diet is 90% veg (she readily eats her salads) and 10% protein (mainly dubias) since being diagnosed overweight (I understand...
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