Good pet stores or breeders in Minneapolis/St. Paul area?

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Does anyone know of a good place to get bearded dragons in the twin cities area, or anywhere else in MN for that matter?




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I love Leaping Lizards in Burnsville, that is where I adopted Dudley from (They rescue/adopt out adults that need homes too.) They always have beautiful healthy baby beardies for sale, use ReptiSun lights, have paper towels for their babies, and feed them well. :D IDK if they still breed their own though, I can't remember.

I love Twin Cities Reptiles too in St. Paul. They are a much bigger store than Leaping Lizards is, and I'm 99% sure they breed their own. I don't go there as often as I go to Leaping Lizards, so I can't remember much about their set-ups/care for their babies.


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Twin city reptile is great we have a few lizards from them and all have been very good lizards with no issues. But our first bearded came from Petco 6 years ago and is doing great. We have been looking for a female and have not had to much luck in finding what we want. I thought there would be more at the show in March. Maybe the Aug show will have more?


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I got my dragon from TC Reptiles and yes they are still breeding their own. I think they only have a few clutches a year though because I haven't seen any new ones since I got mine in October (they had clutches hatch on 9/5 and 9/10)

I havent made it over to Leapin Lizards but besides those 2 I'm not sure if there are really any others outside the chain stores. Most of the breeders on this site aren't in the midwest area either unfortunately :( I missed the March expo but I will definitely be at the August one.
Hey I was wondering if ur still looking for a bearded dragon in the twin cites area cause im a small breeder in coon rapids and all the major traits that ur big breeders have and im more affordable then them to so just let me know if ur still interested in one or have gotten one.

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