For Katherine; beardies in hiding

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Hi Katherine, I thought I'd start a thread of hiding beradies. If you have any pictures of Bogart the Great, add them on.
I'll start with our best hiding beardie, Sweetie Pie:
Hiding in the rosemary:

Hiding on Mom's head (guess the tail gave her away!)

Hiding in the hat:

Where's the beardie? It took us awhile to find her!

Hiding under the couch. "Can you see me Mom?"

Hiding in the curtain:

Hiding in plain sight, I think Sweetie thought if she couldn't see us we couldn't see her, silly beardie:

And last but not least, Sweetie hiding on the couch, under Daddy's things:

I don't have as many hiding pictures of our other beardies, but I'll try to find some.

So now, everyone, let's see those hiding beardies :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

Deborah & Roger


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Jasper's Mom":30981 said:
Jasper, however, pulled a vanishing act on me once... see if you can spot him!

Wait... I thought you said Jasper was a beardie, not a chameleon! :D

I was snuggling with Budo one night and I decided to go take a shower. He was fast asleep, and I didn't have the heart to put him back in his viv, so I put him and his fuzzy burrito on the floor in my room, showered, and returned. He was gone!! I wasn't worried; the door had been closed and my room is fully beardie-proofed. It wasn't the first time he'd been given unsupervised free roam. But after looking in every nook and cranny under my bed and everywhere else, I started to worry. Where was he???

Then I found him...

Under his viv!

It took a half hour to get the sleeping beardie out from under a space where my hand didn't even fit! I even bribed him. I had promised him over 100 mealworms by the time I finally got him out. (He was sleeping, so he will never know... :wink: )


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I told one of my friends to watch Zinger and then he was gone!

I started yelling at them and began ripping my room apart for Zinger. Just as I decided to give up on finding him in my room, I looked in the corner and there he was; Snuggly and asleep.

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I had gone out to get some nice veggies for my boys. I get home and Butch says you have to look at this pic.
Check out Brady!

It is now fixed where he cant get in the brick anymore.

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I just noticed, I think I am beginning to see a pattern with Brady. It always looks like things are eating him. :lol:


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I'm glad there are alot of funny hiding beardies out there, keep the pics coming, thanks so much for sharing. Beardies are good hiding experts, aren't they :D :mrgreen: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

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beardie parents":6ca3f said:
What I'd like to know, how did you get him out of that brick? And was he peeved that it took soo long to get him out?

Butch was here with him so he was only like that for a couple of minutes (probably long enough for Butch to find his camera), and he said he wasnt mad until he kind of tried to get him from the back end. So Butch picked up the brick and he climbed right out. And now the brick has been promptly covered and that wont happen again. :wink: :D I never even thought of that brick even being a problem. I guess he showed me! :oops: I am just glad Butch was here and not me, I would have freaked. I freaked when I saw the pic!


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Alf was out for her bedtime romp,but decided if I couldn't find her,she didn't have to go to bed.
The only problem(for her) was : I knew where she was hiding.LOLOLOL


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Aww, what a cutie! Budo thinks the same thing, except he wants to sleep; he sneaks off into some dark corner to sleep without me noticing. Silly boy wants to brumate!
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