For Katherine; beardies in hiding

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Hi Katherine, I thought I'd start a thread of hiding beradies. If you have any pictures of Bogart the Great, add them on.
I'll start with our best hiding beardie, Sweetie Pie:
Hiding in the rosemary:

Hiding on Mom's head (guess the tail gave her away!)

Hiding in the hat:

Where's the beardie? It took us awhile to find her!

Hiding under the couch. "Can you see me Mom?"

Hiding in the curtain:

Hiding in plain sight, I think Sweetie thought if she couldn't see us we couldn't see her, silly beardie:

And last but not least, Sweetie hiding on the couch, under Daddy's things:

I don't have as many hiding pictures of our other beardies, but I'll try to find some.

So now, everyone, let's see those hiding beardies :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

Deborah & Roger

Jasper's Mom Addict
That 'hiding in plain sight' pic is too funny! I love the little backwards hands. :lol:

Campbell Jane is not much for hiding, luckily for me. She gives me enough heart attacks without disappearing too! Jasper, however, pulled a vanishing act on me once... see if you can spot him!



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I would be FREAKING OUT! I have a post for Zinger like you have a post for CJ, and it's called Big Posts? Just a day or two ago, I almost hyperventilated and went insane because I thought Zinger had dissapeared. I litterally ran in circles and rushed crazily through the house freaking out taking quick choppy breaths, lol. I would never have found Jasper there!


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When Scorch started getting too big for her cave I found her with just her head inside it like that couch picture. It makes me crack up when it is daytime and they want to take a nap so just hide their head for darkness.

beardie parents Sicko
Here's Miss O. She had found a box to hide in under the computer desk we had and my husband decided is was soo cute he had to take a picture of it, so he took her and the box outside to take the picture. She looked a little annoyed that he'd moved her.


Here's another one, this was her favorite spot. We, unfortunately, don't have those flowers anymore, they are wild flowers.



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Awww, how sweet. You didn't have to name this for Katherine. She was all bouncy when she saw it. :blob5: :blob8: Neither of us can decide which is our favorite. Katherine thinks the in the hat or under the couch. :love5: I like just another gardening tool and Jasper on the couch. Keep 'em comming. I'll see if I can find one of Bogie.
Cool thread! :headbang:

Sandy and Katherine :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

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This is baby Kazi trying his best to hide in his trees

And jsut a couple days ago - hiding in his logs (having a sneaky snooze)

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Love the hiding pics.
Here is Brady hiding in his new viv yesterday.

And here is Brady trying to hide (silly boy that he is, he slept like that for a while) :mrgreen:

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I know Haley, he does look so uncomfy doesnt he? You would definitely think he would not stay like that, but he didnt seem to mind. :lol:
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