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Is Anyone out there, that has built there own incubator?? could u be able to tell me the steps and equipment needed thankss


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I built my own incubator using an old fridge i got from a rubbish tip, fixed a light through he hole where a pipe used to go, this was connected to a thermostat, It took 20 minutes work and will hold many boxes of eggs


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Akeath":740b1 said:
As long as it doesn't rotate the eggs, a chicken incubator will work.

Yup it doesnt, I found someone selling it for cheap coz he aint hatching any more. But I wont be needing it yet coz my BD's still around 4months old lolz! :)



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I made my own. It was actually pretty easy. I didn't use heat tape because it takes to long to heat and cool. I used a Heat coil which heats up faster and cools faster. It has helped me maintain a much more consistant temperature in my incubator. What I love the most about it is that I can use my incubator in the garage in the winter time without any problems!!! It doens't matter if the temperature is -20 or 65 it holds the temperature perfectly.


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