Can someone help me identify weather this would be considered a hard urate?


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Hello, I’ve been having trouble with my bearded dragons urate. Someone has been helping me. And for the past two poops my bearded dragons urates were good. But, I’m not as sure about this most recent poop. It was a bit drier. The urate was a bit firm feeling at first. But, quite easy to squish. After that nothing was hard. But, it felt a little bit dry. It retained the squished shape. But, I don’t think if you press it together again it would be able to stick easily. It was a little crumbly while still retaining shape. It was still mostly malleable. The poop looked more formed than usual. A lot of watery poop around it too. Does anyone if this is a hard urate? I’m mainly not sure because the urate felt a little drier than the last two.


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