Can I test for Atadenovirus at home or should I go to a vet?


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Depending on your screen will determine where the UVB needs to go ---- fine mesh inside the tank approx 12-15 inches directly above the basking decor -- wide hole type 8-10 inches
I have it set up but trying to figure out how to get the Reprisun inside. Is there any clamps I can order for this? I kept her food bowl out until feeding time and then I’ll take it back out.


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Hello Leea,

Thanks, that's great your lights came in already.
You can use the 3M command hooks, or even the heavy duty velcro to mount the tube
bulb with the light fixture underneath of the screen top. You can also tie some wire around
the ends of the light fixture too, for mounting it underneath of the screen.


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Or take the screen off --- long plastic zip ties would work -- or have the screen half off and UVB sitting so its straddling the ends of the fixture directly over the tank - you want a piece of basking decor directly under it 12-15 inches and I would recommend upgrading your tank - it looks small - we can post links for tanks - also I would recommend getting rid of the wood chips - you can replace w/ some textured NON adhesive shelf liner from Walmart or your local home improvement store -- easy to clean and more sanitary

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Should we be concerned?

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