Babysitting a sickly Bearded Dragon *Updated photos*

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He passed away 15 minutes ago, he has been doing great and I had high hopes for him. I knew the risk was high and that he may not make it but I really got attached to him, either way his quality of life was high when he passed and that is what he deserved.

It was too much for his body to recover from and I think the MBD was a main culprit in his demise, his organs seemed enlarged also when I did a feel after his death. I feel horrible but I know I did everything I could. He pooped right before he passed and the urates where very yellow (they have been white) and seemed like they where salty. Any ideas? He drank a lot of water yesterday (more than usual).

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Oh no, I am so sorry that he passed away.
I was so happy for you taking him and being able to keep him. I was really pulling for him. At least he knew happiness and love and good care in his last few days.


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Oh dear- I am sooo sorry to hear that. :cry: We had all hoped your loving care would be enough. At least he knew love and good care for awhile. You did a good thing for him. God's peace be with you.

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Im so sorry, we were all routing for you.
It seems like it was too late for him.
Im sure he is greatful for all the love and help you gave him in the short time you were together.
You are a good soul.



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Oh so sorry to hear this. I was hoping for good news. He was loved those last days, thanks to you.


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Oh my goodness I was just checking on his progress. I'm so sorry to hear you lost Fatboy. He knows you cared for him and did your best. May he RIP. I know it hurts but you did what you could for this poor boy.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Fatboy, evidently the damage had already been done & his system couldn't handle it, possibly renal failure. :cry: You certainly did everything that you could and we all know that his last 3 wks he was loved and very well cared for. Thanks for trying your heart out. We know he was very grateful to you too.
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