1. L

    Tail darkening and tight looking

    We've had our beardie, Aries, since November of 2022. We were told that he was 3 months when we adopted him. He was originally for my son but ended up being my buddy. I recently noticed, (2 days ago) that his tail seems to look a bit darker than the rest of him and the scales on it look 'tight'...
  2. A

    Shedding or Something else???

    I just want to double check, i think this is him shedding but i’m not sure if it’s something else
  3. T

    bearded dragon dont want to eat

    I have my baby for almost 1 month now. She's getting used to me I hand feed and pet her. Yesterday she started to shed and when i wake up today to feed her she doesnt wanted to eat! she loves dubias why she denied them? i tryied her fav feeder, mealworms and nothing. Same thing as with the...
  4. D

    New to beardies is this normal

    My buddy orange has kind of gone off his salad, I can get him to eat a bit if I hand feed. He has been to the vet at the end of October the only report officially was an elevated white blood cell that’s linked to inflammation in bearded dragons . His poops have been brown and healthy looking...
  5. tedbubz

    How to know if beardie has stuck nose shed?

    Hiiii So I always see videos of what I assume to be stuck shed being removed and a long plug coming out. The thing is, I wouldn't have assumed it was stuck shed if they didn't remove it - the nose looked normal to me. So is there a way I can know for sure that a beardie has stuck shed on...
  6. D

    Stuck shed or deformed scale?

    Hello! Jasper looks to be getting ready to shed in a couple places, including the top of his head. He has a couple scales that shed individually last week, and look like they might shed again. He has two in particular that are very indented. This is the first time he has shed his head since I...
  7. hakusmom

    Shed problems

    Hi ya’ll! My nearly 8 month old beardie, Haku, has been doing great since I got him a little over a month ago. However, I’m running into a constant problem. He will not stop shedding! He’s been back to back shedding for nearly a month now. Started with his head, which went fine. His legs, which...
  8. P


    So last week Igneel went through a shed but it was only his tail just want to confirm that this color change between his back and tail is due to his back starting to shed (added a pic of his shedding and a pic of his original color)
  9. T

    Bearded dragon frantically glass surfing

    My 4 year old male bearded dragon has been constantly glass surfing the past few days. I have no idea why. The temp is 99f. He gets good daily. He has hides. One thing is that I started feeding him pellets again. He loves the pellets. I'm wondering if he's glass surfing to try to get me to give...
  10. D

    How to remove stubborn stuck shed?

    Good morning, Jasper here has been starting to shed around his feet the last couple days, but one of his toes is having a lot of trouble. I’ve been soaking it, but his nail is getting dark now and I’m really worried about the tissue dying. I also don’t want to damage the skin by trying to pull...
  11. B

    Should i be concerned about this spot?

    My dragons tail has been like this for a while and I thought it was shed but it hasn’t came off yet. I made a post of it a little while ago it hasn’t changed much but starting to get worried about it. He is still eating and drinking just fine.
  12. A

    Shed stuck in nose

    So my Beardie Sam has had shed stuck in both nostrils since I got him He’s had multiple baths already and I’ve tried gently plucking them out with pliers but he won’t let me Is there anything else I could use? Shed being in his nose for the past 5 months can’t be healthy
  13. I

    Beardie staying in only one area of enclosure, seems depressed

    My almost 4 month old beardie Monkey has recently been acting strange for the last couple of days. I have a basking spot set up properly, but he seems to only stick to one corner that is on the warm wide of the tank, but only has a basking temp of around 95, and more critically, a UVI of around...
  14. Aruna

    Peeled bearded dragons shed!!!

    I am a first time reptile / beardie owner. I feel terrible, I did so much research and yet did not know that you are not supposed to help peel your beardie’s shed. My beardie is a 1 year old female and this is her first shed with us, we got her a little over a month ago. It was flaking off her...
  15. C

    New Bearded Dragon Unhappy and General Care Assistance

    Hello! I recently adopted a juvenile bearded dragon. His hatch date was 9/24/2021 and we received him on 3/30/2022. Overview: When he first arrived at our home, he did not seem to be unhappy at all and was eating veggies for me. His left leg shed and sluffed off super easily, but not long...
  16. A

    Bearded dragon shedding Behaviour

    Hey! My beardie, Coop a rescue and he’s around 8. I have had him for a month now and he’s Great! He’s just coming into his first shed and I’d just like some advice on shedding behaviour. He hasn’t really been wanting to bask recently and has been under his hide sleeping a lot, he’s still eating...
  17. D

    5 month beardie not eating for past two days and gulping?

    Hi there, I'm really worried about my 5 month female beardy Satsuma. For the past two days she has turned down food, even worms which are her favourite!! I noticed yesterday as well she was doing a sort of gulping motion, standing up straight on her front legs, head back and swallowing really...
  18. Gyrffinthedragon


    I have a 5 to 6 month old bearded dragon and he has been shedding lately. So far he’s only shed his head arms and tail but his main trunk has not shed it’s very dark and there’s parts of it that I could peel but I’m afraid to peel him. I’ve been giving him soaks and misting him. I am having...
  19. T

    Yellow tinted shed

    Hi everyone! This is my baby Rango I’ve posted in here a few times before. He just turned two years old and I’ve had him since 8 weeks. His lighting is all good, hot side 90 but temp gun is about 100 or so. Cool side 80ish. Arcadia UVB mounted inside zen habitat 4x2x2. I noticed that he...
  20. Shojo

    Baby beardie shedding

    Hello, I am new beardie owner and my baby has gone from eating 25+ bugs a day to 10-15. He’s started shedding a bit of peeling on his eyes and head. I read it’s not great to handle him while he’s shedding but I think a bath would help him. What’s the best way help and care while he sheds? He...
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