1. SarahNancy13

    Baby beardie has coccidia parasite!!!!!

    Hi! I'm new to the site as a poster but have been stalking it ever since I got my little guy Ember (3 months old) in the beginning of July. I took him to an exotics vet and she prescribed 0.2mL of a SulfaTrimeth for 10 days. I put his first dose on a bit of strawberry and he gobbled it right up...
  2. A

    New baby beardie- coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes

    I recently acquired a new baby beardie about 3 weeks ago. Took her to our exotic vet to get a fecal done and she tested positive for coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes. The vet prescribed panacur, ponazuril, and metronidazole all at .02 dosages. She is 29 grams, about 11-12 weeks old. Is...
  3. stupiddogauzu

    Parasites? (Cant afford vet at the moment)

    Hello! I’m very new to the beardie world, this is my first one and I got him (I don’t actually know gender) as a Christmas gift and am not entirely sure if I was ready to take him on. Since I’ve gotten him (December 2021) he has had problems. I didn’t want to take him back to Petco though...
  4. R

    I've figured out the mystery parasite its Balantidium coli but I need help with treatment

    After a dose of panacur, flagyl, three trips to the vet for blood work and fecals, and soon to be four I've finnaly figured out what my little guy has. I believe its called Balantidium coli I've been seeing it in the trophozoite stage when its moving around and active. You can see an example...
  5. J

    New to Beardies don't know much about parasites.

    Hi I'm just asking here I'm working with a friend whos a vet but he's not a vet for reptiles so he's asking through clinics and I figured id ask though here for advice or help.
  6. S

    Runny Stool. Want to get some advice on what to do!

    Hey all, my beardie, baby, has had runny stool for the past 2 weeks or so. I’ll put a picture in the thread so you can see it and decide what action needs to be taken. Baby currently lives in a 40 gal tank, is fed lettuce with food pellets for veggies and for protein, crickets often and meal...
  7. K

    Coccidia Round 2 with Albon

    My bearded dragon got results 30 days ago for 4+ coccidia. We did 5 days of Albon .07ml. Unfortunately during her recheck they found the same amount so nothing improved in those 30 days. They don't have ponazuril so we are doing Albon again .07ml but for 21 days. I'm really worried how harsh...
  8. Lizardlady101020

    Parasites- After Care

    Hey there! I have had my beardie for about 5-6 months now. I took him to his first vet visit and was finally able to bring back a fecal sample, and he has two types of parasites. Long story short I want to be sure everything is good for him so that he doesn’t contract them again soon, and that I...
  9. T

    Chirpless crickets...parasites??

    I just bought some adult crickets from Petco and was surprised at how quiet they are... literally, no noise and it's been hours. I briefly read something about how it can be a sign they have a parasite. Apparently the parasite can control the crickets somehow. Has anyone had an experience with...
  10. M

    Bloody stool, Black Beard and Inactive

    Sorry for posting again. I’m not trying to substitute this forum for a veterinarian, but this is my only alternative right now as I am a minor and I’m unable to make an appointment right now. So if you’ve seen my other threads, my 3 year old female beardie named Delta has been having some...
  11. M

    Coccidia question

    So because of covid I am having a hard time finding a vet accepting new exotic patients. I have a 6 mos old beardie that started having weird poops around Thanksgiving. He is active, eats greats, growing, shedding and when he sees me start to feed him runs down doing his happy dance. But his...
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