I've figured out the mystery parasite its Balantidium coli but I need help with treatment

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After a dose of panacur, flagyl, three trips to the vet for blood work and fecals, and soon to be four I've finnaly figured out what my little guy has. I believe its called Balantidium coli I've been seeing it in the trophozoite stage when its moving around and active.

You can see an example of what I've been seeing under my microscope in Figure 3, C at this link:

(Also under the Ciliophora section on this site: 5.1.2: Medically Important Protozoa)

And this website gives tips on treatment, but its for tortoises: Tortoise Trust Web - Balantidium

Now it talks about treating with Flagyl and I'm lined up with the vet to get some Flagyl soon for my lizard. I'm debating on doing a fecal again cause they only test for pinworms, coccidia, and the other super common parasites, but would it be a good idea to get the other medicines it mentions? I'll have to order them online, cause my vet won't look at the images I've taken from the fecal float I did.

I just feel so relived to be hopefully done with this whole mess. If anyone could tag the bearded dragon vet tech gods to help me that would be great!

Also it says this species is the only ciliated parasite capable of infecting humans so should I get tested for it? I have half the symptoms listed for it, but I might just be worrying too much oof.


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Flagyl is the right stuff, Tracie [ Drache613 ] can help you with dosing if need be. She's usually on in the night. If you have symptoms, get yourself checked out.
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