1. R

    Silkworm questions

    Hi, I’ve been ordering silkworm cups to feed my beardie and I just read something alarming and wanted to see if I could get some more follow up. Silkworms certainly take work to keep alive - I clean out their cup every day. I do lose some of seemingly every cup, but my supplier will always send...
  2. Tigger_14

    Best foods for beetles

    Im starting a mealworm farm and i just had three pupas turn into beetles what are the best things to feed them? If anyone has a list of things ? Other then like carrots and potatoes
  3. Tigger_14

    Growing superworms

    im trying to get my superworms to pupate but im having issues i started with 10 formally to see 3 have died i think i have one pupating but i wont 100% know for another few days what can i do to grow them better? ( into beetles )
  4. rubi9229

    How many BSFL should I feed in a week? How many should I buy? Need help!

    I want to change to BSFL as a staple. I only have one bearded dragon and she's an adult. I'm wonder what a good quantity is to start out with and how much she should eat in a week? I don't want to run out quickly, but I don't want to end up with a bunch of flies either if she can't eat them...
  5. Tigger_14


    I live in canada and i cant find dubia roaches or alot of other feeders people are recomending and all the websites they post dont ship here does anyone from canada know a .ca website thats ships thro canada for live feeders like dubia roaches?
  6. Sulitlana

    Dubia roaches ate a hole in the egg cartons.

    My Dubia feeders ate a hole in their the egg cartons in their container. It may be they were after the squash juice or something else but I am worried about feeding them to my bearded dragon. I have researched a bit and haven't seen where someone specifically asked this, more just talked about...
  7. becxrebecca

    Roach genetics

    Hey there. I have a bearded dragon and started breeding dubia roaches a few years ago. The colony was started with roaches from 2 different breeders. Now that they've had some time to get a couple of generations going, there's some different looking roaches in there. I separated a handful to get...
  8. D

    Combining adult roaches in Dubia colonies?

    Hi! A few months ago when it started cooling off, I started slowly cleaning out some of my feeder bugs since Jasper wasn’t eating much and about to go into brumation. I gave him what was left and left the bin empty - I thought. I just got a new container of small roaches (1/4” - 1/2”) to...
  9. LokitheBeardedDragon

    Dubia Roach Seller

    Thought I would post here about this awesome seller I found for Dubia Roaches. They sell other buggies, so if you don't want to feed Dubia's, you got other options. Here is the link to the website: Dubia Roaches It also comes with 15% off once you enter your email (this should pop up on the...
  10. catwu20

    How do you guys feed crickets?

    We usually feed our 2 yr old girl ~5 gutloaded crickets 3-4 times a week. The thing is, we need to constantly remove and put back the decor every time there is a feeding. The crickets are so active and jump around onto various surfaces and into nooks and crannies, and our beardie struggles to...
  11. Jupitertheking

    Feeding 12 week bearded dragon

    Hi I have a 12 week old bearded dragon and I do have crickets and roaches for it but I’m trying to get some other feeders that are good and healthy! I want to get it hornworms but I can’t find anywhere that has them and I did order it from rainbow mealworms but they refunded me and said that...
  12. T

    Where can I buy Dubia roaches in US?

    Hi, I usually get my bearded dragons dubia roaches from dubiaroches.com, but I just got notified that his size roach is out of stock and I don't know where else to get 1,000 roaches in bulk. I looked at thedubiadude.com, but he has a limited stock and only sales 50 at a time. Where else is...
  13. S

    woodies or dubia roaches australia

    Hi, im an Australian boy getting a bearded dragon, i was wondering what bugs i should use as feeders, Dubia roaches or woodies? and how long dose it take to start up a colony so i can be feeding it daily without running out, and any tips to start a colony.
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