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  1. B

    DIY bearded dragon enclosure

    Hello, I am getting my first bearded dragon (adult) and I wanna build it a nice home. I was planning on building this enclosure but replacing the doors with sliding plexiglass doors. I was wondering if I should replace the roof with a screen top (like zenhabitat's enclosures) or just have a few...
  2. F

    Thoughts on my UVB Setup

    Hello! I was wondering if my UVB setup is appropriate for my tank. The tank is a 4x2x2 Zen Habitat and the Bulb is a HO T5 10.0 Reptisun in a 36" fixture. When we upgraded his tank I was told that the UVB should cover 2/3 of the tank, so I purchased this fixture. However, after doing more...
  3. danielc12

    New tank temps running a little cold

    I just upgraded my juvenile dragon from a 20 gallon that was far too small for her to a 40 gallon. So far she’s taking to the new tank well, however I’m really struggling with the tank temps. She’s about six months old, so her basking spot needs to be between 100-110, but right now it’s hovering...
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