Is this too much UVB?

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Re: Is this too much UVB?

Postby KyleSwonger61 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 3:38 pm

Drache613 wrote:Hello,

That is a nice looking tank, very bright.
It's so difficult getting the lighting all correct. As suggested, you could take the reflector out
or try to lower the basking somehow. What type of basking light are you using?
Is he liking his environment?


I actually did just get a new spot for him to bask that is lowered around 2 inches. Also moved some other things around so everything stay above that 12 inch range. [Click image to enlarge]

Currently using a DuraMax 65W on a dimmer, but I think im gonna go back to my DuraMax 45w cause the 65w is just a tad to warm and I dont want to dim it so much that their isnt enough light.
He's loving it though, just gave him around 30 calcium dusted crickets and he went nuts for them :D
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