whidby island dragon is here! (ROCKY)

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lights go on at 6am salad colleard,kale,mustard greens go in at 7:14 before i leave. when i come home they get hornworms or silk worms then a bath at 5 they get more salad after thats gone they get dusted cockroaches id say that variety

pinky mice when fed as a staple have been proven to cause fatty liver disease and the bones can cause them to become impacted which will kill them.
I have been following this post for quite some time, and I am glad to see that Tastiger has Rockey, and hopefully Rockey is on the road to a full recovery. I am new to owning bearded dragons, but even before I did all my research on them I would be able to tell that Rockey was in rough shape. I do not understand how someone couldn't. Tastiger, you are taking on a great responsibility, but after reading through these i believe you will do a great job, its obvious you are doing way more for Rockey than his previous owners. Keep up the good work, and keep us all updated!


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Dear Ma'am, as a very protective mother myself, I can understand your unhappiness at random strangers contacting your child. As a responsible mother, however, I have always taken pride in teaching my daughter to take responsibility for those in her care. I agree with one of the above posters who blamed this whole unfortunate turn of events on being misinformed. There are so many conflicting thoughts on how to properly care for bearded dragons, but I have to come to the defense of the BeardedDragon.org community. I've personally dealt with both pet stores and vets who think the complete opposite of the people on this forum. There are so many people on here who have, through research and own experience, come up with ways to care for these animals and to teach others how to do it.

Like you, I thought that a bowl of water and the occasional live food (mealworms though) is more than sufficient for this type of reptile. Only after our first baby dragon passed away, did I stumble upon this forum and gathered enough information to be able to get another with confidence. Like with your family, these reptiles cannot live from proteins alone. Their surroundings and lights also make such a difference in the way they digest the food to be healthy.

I applaud those who stood up and did something about this dragon's circumstances. I am quite an unemotional person, but the photo's of this little guy had me in tears.

I'm glad he is fighting for his survival and will continue to hope that he improves every day.


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Like others have said it doesn't take a genius or even someone who knows anything about reptiles to see that Rocky is not healthy! She's obviously in denial, it is not hard to see. If she had googled "bearded dragon" or she had looked at the posts of your other reptiles next to Rocky, it is obvious that he is suffering, malnourished and dehydrated, NOT healthy. No healthy dragon lays there with his head down and eyes closed all day! We understand things happen, the eye infection, but there is no reason for him to be malnourished.
Even if the previous owners were misinformed on his care, it would be nice if they admitted it instead of still arguing that he is healthy.
Children need guidance, if they have a pet and things start going downhill that is when a parent is supposed to step in and make sure things are right! If you can't properly take care of an animal, don't get one, that is also something a child needs to learn!
I believe the previous owner may get a copy of the vet bills when this is all said and done, will you still deny the situation of his health? I don't know why you are calling Morgan a liar, a picture says a thousand words, she could have posted a picture of Rocky with no words and it would have gotten the same response.
I had to edit, I decided to be nice, wckdbtch said it so eloquently.
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