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I had bearded dragon eggs in the incubator, they are due any time now, my younger sister took the tub out and dropped it and most of the eggs have burst and they have come out but still have sack. Shall I try remove sack or leave them? Will they come out by themselves? Will they make it? I’m not sure what to do, they have the yolk sack still attached and they are moving around. The photos aren’t too clear as they have the substrate over them but I don’t want to touch them too much or wash them as I’m worried it will make it worse.


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It's likely that they were just then hatching when she dropped them. It's best to leave them as they are. After a couple of days if the sac doesn't fall off set those babies up in a warm tank with damp paper towels, sometimes the sac will fall off. I'm not sure how the drop will affect the babies. I once dropped a container of eggs as well but none burst open and I believe they all survived.


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I agree, as AHBD stated, for now, just leave them how they are at the moment. I have never been
through this but most if not all will most likely be ok. Let us know how things are looking.


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