1. Ravenna

    Birth Defect

    First of all, English isn't my first language, so excuse me for making mistakes. We have been breeding two (now three) times. Two times we didn't encounter any serious problems. But the third time the babies have been totally fine till some time ... They all experience the same spine problems...
  2. K


    I had bearded dragon eggs in the incubator, they are due any time now, my younger sister took the tub out and dropped it and most of the eggs have burst and they have come out but still have sack. Shall I try remove sack or leave them? Will they come out by themselves? Will they make it? I’m not...
  3. S

    Feeding Veggies to a 3 months old

    Hello everyone. I'm a newbie to keeping beardies, but have read quite a lot of internet and saw info that some people start to feed veggies to their pets at about 6 months, when their eating tastes change. So my question is - should I just give up on veggies at the moment and feed only feeders...
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