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Hello all! i am new here and thought i’d share my little beardies leg story. I have a 13 month old dragon named boogie :) I first got him december 2020. When i first got him my friend notices his leg was massively swollen and i thought yikes possibly MBD. (see attached photos) Of course i took him to a vet, and the Dr told me he wasn’t gonna make it. i was very shocked to hear it was an infection on his leg. I talked about amputation with the vet and we decided to give it a go( with a very high chance of him passing away) In March 2021 he received the successful amputation and as is, he is a very healthy dragon today!! here he is-


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Great to see him doing so well and hats off to you for not giving up on him!

Have to ask though are those pictures all of the same dragon because the last picture shows a dragon with the opposite rear leg amputated.
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