1. A

    Swollen back leg on new beardie?

    Hi all. Today I picked up a new bearded dragon (my first one) from someone of Craigslist, but when I took a closer look I noticed that the back left knee and leg are swollen. I managed to get a vet appointment for tomorrow morning, but in the meantime I’m worried. He doesn’t seem to be in pain...
  2. rio00

    Leg issue

    We have a bearded dragon called Rio and she’s around 7/8 years old, she’s a very active lady (she’s currently sat window watching after just having a run around, it’s one of her favourite things to do). We were bathing Rio yesterday and when we got her out of the bath I noticed that her left...
  3. S

    Three-legged beardie

    Hello all! i am new here and thought i’d share my little beardies leg story. I have a 13 month old dragon named boogie (: I first got him december 2020. When i first got him my friend notices his leg was massively swollen and i thought yikes possibly MBD. (see attached photos) Of course i took...
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