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Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not already know... I am about to welcome the newest member of my family.... Bligg!
He is on his way to my house right now... via the big brown viv.. aka as UPS :D

Bligg is one of Barbara's (fresnowitte) babies born out of wedlock to Ms.Tiggs and Blaze. His name I came up with by blending his parents names together.... Blaze + Tigg = Bligg :wink:

Here is the story of Bligg.... the little beardie who has been melting my heart for the past 56 days and will very soon be here at his forever home in Florida!

Bligg was born on July 15th in a small farm house in Fresno, CA.

Here is Bligg making his grand entrance

Here's the hour old and glass dancing already :shock:

Bligg's first shed at 19 days old....Awwww!

One month old and too darn cute!

Bligg on my birthday last month... BTW... Bligg is my b'day present to myself :D

4 days ago..... Would you look at that big boy :shock:

Okay.... I need another cup of coffee and a peek out the window(it's only the 37th time I've done it :roll: )

sweetiepie9 Sicko
Retired Moderator
I've missed you, too, it'll be great when you're back & can update us on everyone. I'm sure your FIL will be fine with them, he's done this before and everyone was well fed, so think you can stop worrying, even though that worrying gene is built in, right! Hope you have a great time on your trip, so promise you'll update everyone, even Peanut when you get back.

Goonie Sicko
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Well well well, look who finally decided to crawl out from her hole in the wall!

Glad to hear that everyone's doing well, you included.

gulfbrzdawn":mx2bn3w9 said:
Last time we went on vacation, my FIL called me to report that everything was fine with the animals and to let me know that bearded dragons do indeed taste like chicken :shock: . Yes, he has a warped sense of humor... hehe... just like me.
I remember that! It was hysterical!

fresnowitte Sicko
:shock: What Gina said! :laughing6:

Great to see ya around! We were about to put out a search party for you. :lol:
I have to be honest for a flash moment I considered highjacking your thread, but figured that would be futile...since you
weren't logging on to see it.

Please don't stay away so long lady...I know life is busy, but it only takes a few minutes to stop in and say hello I'm alive. :wink:

You think that Bliggster and Rex will still be awake in a few weeks?
So it's still hot there, huh? I think it's finally going to start cooling down here.
It's been high 90's low 100's, but this week we are looking at the 80's. 8)


fresnowitte Sicko
Mary I thought it was Dawn... :(
I have been thinking about her so much lately...

I'm gonna call her tomorrow evening she has me a bit worried. I think the last of us to hear from her was Thing 2 (Blondie098...Ohio Dawn).

MissT Addict
Guys, Dawn posted on the 16th saying she was going on a trip in a 'few weeks' so I'm assuming that coulée mean she is away at the moment?

gulfbrzdawn Addict
Original Poster
Hello friends... it's me.... Dawn! :roll: :D
Hope everyone is doing well. I am good and so are all my babies. To answer your question, Barb... Bligg and Rex are still awake, but slowing down on eating. They do enjoy the outdoor time... well, except for NOW. We are having a bit of a cold snap here and brrr(yes, brrrr) it is 50 degrees outside. :shock: I am thinking this weekend of getting the two of them outside. Maybe we could build snowmen or go sledding. :lol:
Tyler, Aaron and I(and my ET at times... she won't leave me alone right now) went down to Key West a few weeks ago. We had a blast.. shopping, snorkling and visiting all my old hangouts as a kid(I grew up there). Love K.W., it is soo laid back there.
They are actually having a problem down there with iguanas. They are wild.. everywhere! Had a good time looking for them while bicycling around the island.
My FIL did a great job taking care of the critters. He said Bligg wouldn't eat for him. That's typical though.
My little spoiled brat only eats for me. :roll:

Love and miss you guys!

sweetiepie9 Sicko
Retired Moderator
Hi Dawn
It's so good to hear from you, :D glad you had a great time in Key West (who wouldn't)! and you find 50F is cold? Hope it warms up for you. That temp is normal for up here, yes, it's cold, almost winter weather, then it'll rain & warm up again.
Glad to hear your babies are doing well, so Bligg won't eat for your FIL? Guess he's a bit spoiled? Bligg I mean :mrgreen: .

We're all good here, too, except Sweetie. She fell off my shoulder & while I caught her (I always do), she broke both of her upper arms. So, needless to say, she's not a happy camper; we see the vet on Nov 5, hopefullly she's healing, poor girl. She seems to be healing, but she won't stay still for very long. Had to take all her furniture out & put soft towels & blankets in her tank, so everwhere she roams, it's soft for her.

My other news is: I'm a moderator-in-training, which has been very interesting.

So glad you're back, you'll have to put some pics up of your trip & of your babies. Bonnie's doing well, too? Good stuff.

Talk to you soon, I hope,

beardie parents Sicko
Gee, Dawn. It's colder where you are than here where I'm at. We have been in the mid 80's all week, it's sometimes higher than normal here. I'm sure you are freezing at 50. I agree with you, 50 is a brrr.

fresnowitte Sicko
Well look who the cat drug in! :lol:

Great to hear from you woman! :love5:
BTW...pic's or it didn't happen remember? :p
Would love to see some pic's of your trip, and maybe some of the iguanas??? :)

WTH? Did we switch weather this year?
We have been mid to high 80's to 90's with your messed up humidity. :roll:
I still don't see how anyone can handle that much humidity...86% here right now. :bleick:
I'm ready for Fall already, but after hearing your temps I think I'll just be happy with what I got. :lol:

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. All is okie dokey here! Though most my beardies are semi sleeping.
At least they are not all out cold yet. :lol:

Bligg is such a booger! :lol:
I have a feeling he intentionally gives your FIL a hard time. :lol:

Don't be such a stranger...we all miss you!
An it's time for some smashing pumpkins....I mean pumpkin smashing. :laughing6:

gulfbrzdawn Addict
Original Poster
Hi Deb! Yes, 50 degrees is cold, lol! I am so sorry to hear about Sweetie... poor girl. How in the world are you going to keep her from running around on those front legs? I hope she is healing up nicely for you. Give her a hug from me.
So you are a MOD now, huh?! That is awesome! Does this mean I have to watch my P's and Q's around you???? LOL :lol:
Really tho.. congrats!!! I think you will make a wonderful mod. :D

Hi Lori! Yes, we are having a blast of coldness here. I have icicles hanging from my nose as I speak.

Hi Barb!
So, you are hating the humidity, huh?! It can be unbearable at times.. this is for sure. Remember.. if you decide to carve pumpkins with that kind of humidity... you will surely have some nasty black growth, lol :wink: (remember my pics from last year?)
Yes, Bligg is SUCH a booger! You know it's all your fault since you are the one who taught him all his bad habits. :roll: :lol:

Did you say PUMPKIN SMASHING?????? Here's one especially for you... (miss ya)


MissT Addict
Dawn is here!!! I think you should post some pictures for us all, Dawn... before we completely forget what Mr Bliggy looks like :shock:
Have missed having you around!

fresnowitte Sicko
I'm with pic's or else! :twisted: Pumpkins wil fly! :lol:

Yeah I'm glad to see that nasty humidity the hell do you do it?
Little late with your jack-0-lantern reminder though.... :puke:

Miss Ya!
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