taking on another beardie ... choices choice ahhh.

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Esther and Deb :D :D :D :D :D

awwwwwwww how i have missed yall. ive missed everyone!!!

Deb - i am SO sory to hear about Titan!!! Poor baby! im not TOO familiar with Yellow Fungus, from what i have read about it can be really serious and I just am so sorry for you and Titan!!! Man, that little guy has been through so much. I hope that everyhing is looking like it will be ok? Gosh. :(
Tell him Lexi said hi and she still thinks even though he is painted in Betadine, she wants him to know he still looks handsome ;)

Blue is so hormonal right now, shed probably try to jump his bones!

Blue is awake yes, but she did a flip on me this year. in this year 2013, she has probably slept a total of 7 months with a FEW wake up false alarms along the way - she must have thought she was ready, but only ate a worm or two, pooped and went right back into brumation after a few days.
Normally she would be sleeping right now, but she has flipped it on me, and is SO awake, its awesome, because i never really get to see her!!! she is the epitome of the term "the sleeping dragon" ... she didnt lose any weight through the whole time, and she is eating greens and worms like a mad woman!!! She is all juiced up and ready to eat and mate and be crazy. Having said, that, watch me wake up this week and her fall back asleep. OYE VEY. That WOULD happen to me.

i am LOVING this. Blue is just soooooooo alert and fun. I just hope she stays awake for a few more months, because she is such a joy and so sweet to have around.

Yes, i am glad that i woke Lexi up, and i kinda feel like an ***** for letting her sleep for a month. it was probably more like 3 weeks, i dont know exactly. She just ... wanted to. I always said i would never let her, but, i did. i think part me inside was saying "i want Lexi to be normal and sleep like normal healthy dragons do, to have that chance to successfully brumate" ... just me being zoinked out in the brain.
Shes still tired, but we are working on it. Shes coming around. Thanks for the suggestions ... i will take her daylight hours down some, because when i woke her up, i put them back on for the full 12/12 cycle. I think that maybe an 8/16 or something similar to that would be better?
Because by the time i get home from work, she is asleep under her light. She usually never does that, so i will knock the hours down. GOOD THINKING, im used to Blue being dead to the world for months on end with no lights or anything. Oh Blue, I LOVE YOU!!!

I think i will tweek that, thank you for putting that in my head.
She gave me a poop today in the bath, YAY! her first one since i woke her.
i swear she has the cutest face EVER.
with my work schedule, because i leave SO early, she doesnt get fed until around 3pm ... so i have to let her bask until at least 5 i guess ... idk, i will figure it out. A timer would be great for her. That way i wouldnt have to wake her up SOOOO early.
I got ALL the gunk out that hole today, there was some deeper down that i had been missing, so the cavity will start to fill back up again as she drinks and eats again, but i think i know where to push now, i need to push back farther down to where the hole starts/stops. if that makes any sense.
She was quite the happy little girl when i took her out this evening, sitting on ym chest and tummy looking around, visting with Opal (ALOT), and walking around, then finding a good spot to sleep.

I hope that the rest of your crew is still doing amazing, and again, I am really sorry about Titan. Sounds like he is on ALLLLLLLLLLLL the right stuff. Youre SUCH a good momma!!!
i HAVE to ask ... How is my Gabriel??? Love that dragon :) :) Got a sweet spot in my heart for him once i saw his face in a picture you put up for the first time. Something about Gabriel ... idk, just got to me, and i cant put my finger on it. I just adore him!
Give our love to your handsome boys ok? :) :) :)

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! How is your dragon world??? everything good??? i hope so!!! Yea, it was a REAL freak out moment when i saw Lexi jerking around like that. i was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Thank goodness it has stopped. i was totally scared. How are you? How is the school year so far? Mine is crazy, as always. Simply crazy :lol: :lol: ... never a dull day!
Lemme know about the dragon homefront on your end of things!!! Id love to hear from you!!!

I will keep yall updated, and i will try to get a video of Blue while i hand feed her supers. She is SO fast, i mean FAST, and so accurate off taking them off my fingers, its awesome. Blue wants some air time anyhow ;)

MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~us :)


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Hi Em, I've missed you so much, too. Titan is doing ok, he's eating, pooping, which is great & I think the fungus is reducing, we see the vet again on Friday am.

Gabriel is a little brat, now that he's in the living room he loves to make fun of the others. Didi was on the ramp (what else is new) and Gabriel waved at him. Didi RAN as fast as possible down the ramp to bob and bob and black beard & Gabriel yawned at him :lol: Drove Didi nuts that he wasn't paying him any attention :lol: . Yesterday I was going out & had Rubio outside in the sun and Lonzo inside on a cushion in the sun. I thought leaving Gabriel out would be fine, but he climbed the mesh partition onto the balcony and tried to fight Rubio, who was all for it :shock: So Gabriel go put back into his tank. He is a little brat, he's always doing something to make me laugh :lol: At least he's ok with Lonzo, so I can have those two out for long lengths of time, Gabriel sometimes will get beside Lonzo to keep him company, too. He is a sweetheart even if he is a brat :lol: I love him, too. He's also a bit snuggle bug.

So for Lexi, having a timer would be great because then you could let her sleep in the morning, so she'd be more awake when you got home for feeding time and basking and some snuggle time. You should try that. I have a friend coming over this weekend to help me set up timers on all of my tanks, just in case. I'm off work right now but it would come in handy to shut off if I want to stay out late, say to my mom's. My guys are up about 8a, but they're usually done for the day by 3p, some by 5p. Didi would stay up all night, I swear, he bromated for 2 weeks and he's full of energy!

Glad Blue is up & hopefully she'll be up for the winter for you.
Big hugs to you all,
Deb and my crew

When you have a minute, check out the pics on my thread, I've got some good ones of Gabriel and the rest.
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