Swollen beardie not getting better.


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I created a thread 2-3 weeks ago with my little beardie who has a swollen cloaca. I was told it was impaction and to give him canned pumpkin and keep his tank warm. I have a tree up high to the heat lamp and have been feeding him canned pumpkin with some greens and very small crickets. Since then it maybe looks a bit better but otherwise almost no difference. He is very stiff when I touch him but does move around alright. I swapped his cage to dirt so I can’t tell if he has been pooping or eating. He has energy but I am very worried about him. Please give me advice. Thanks!

2-3 weeks ago and today


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Did you take him to a vet & they confirmed impaction? What type of foods, etc do you think has
impacted him?
You can give soft foods only right now, to help keep his system less stressed. The canned pumpkin,
sugar free applesauce, sweet potato & a few drops of organic coconut or olive oil mixed up, can be
given daily.
You can also give a few warm baths, & encourage him to swim & move around to help things pass
through better. Be sure to keep your hand in the water with him so he feels more secure. Remember,
they can drown quickly so always keep an eye on him.


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