Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

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My dad just randomly came home with him! He is cutest thing ever, and has tons of chub! He just dived into his salad! :D
Hes 2 years old, 15-17 in. long (has pretty good sized nip) and 442 grams... Dyed from red sand, so I cant see his colors. :D

Will post more details/pics later... I have to babysit! :D


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Dudley is a very spoiled and looked after dragon =D I'm building a similar viv for my beardie Spike in august, i have him in a 40 gallon but the tank I am going to build him a viv that is 4ft long by 2ft wide by 2ft high :) Going to be good fun!


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Ugh! I so want to build Yoshi a custom viv! Maybe someday... *sigh*

So you do two layers of sanded and two layers of non-sanded? I still haven't finished Yoshi's cuz I'm still tryin to figure the schematics out. What do you seal it with? Do you think I could paint it with outdoor acryllic?


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@JenFid: I wish I had my own horse! This is my 5th year of taking lessons at a stable near by, and I usually get to ride twice a month. I wish I could go more often though! It's SO fun. :D Do you have horses in CA then?

@Wyatt: Thanks! Good luck with your new viv!

@Sashee: I usually do 3 layers of nonsanded and 2 of sanded, but these are getting so heavy that I'm skipping a layer. I seal mine with Mard Podge Hard Coat. I don't think it matters too much what you use to paint it though, since you will seal over the paint anyways. I used textured spray paint on my last one, and I've used regular acrylic paints too.

Oh, and tomorrow I am going to South Datoka, and I will be back on Thursday. IDK if I will have internet or not, so I thought I should explain why I might be MIA for a little!


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Jess4921":9xvtz5gf said:
@JenFid: I wish I had my own horse! This is my 5th year of taking lessons at a stable near by, and I usually get to ride twice a month. I wish I could go more often though! It's SO fun. :D Do you have horses in CA then?
When I was growing up, we generally had anywhere from 10-15 horses on our property. Mix of mares and geldings and all of them were pretty much for trail riding. My parents bred our mares out, some of the foals we'd keep some we'd sell. I used to do AQHYA shows (american quarter horse youth association) once I was high school, mostly showing my gelding in halter (basically confirmation, kind of like a dog show for horses). I made it to the world show a couple times with him and placed in 10th the first time, that was really exciting :D. I showed my riding horses in trail and western pleasure in local show circuits. My parents split up awhile ago so most of the horses had to go as well. My mom has 2 now that she keeps at a local stable so I go there with her everytime I visit. I've started teaching my husband how to ride too :mrgreen:
So anyway, yep we had and have horses ;) I miss it so much but sadly while I could probably save up and by a good horse I couldn't afford to stable it right now :( Hopefully when I get a better job though!!

Have fun in SD, hopefully the weather is nicer there!


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Thanks herpgirl!

@Sashee: No, he is staying at home and my friend will be feeding him and taking care of the rest of my pets. :( It's only for 5 days, so I don't think it would be worth the stress for him. My dog is coming though, so I will still have one of my pets with me!

@Jen: Lucky! That sounds awesome! I've always thought it would be so fun to do shows and stuff... I'd love to learn barrels or poles someday!
LOL, I tried saving up for a horse when I was, like, 13. :p My dreams were crushed though when my mom said she wouldn't pay the $300/month board for it! Once I get a job and stuff though, I might see if I can get a partial lease on a horse. That would be good enough for now. :)

The weather is supposed to be in the 90s all week! :shock: Yay.
Oh, and we are going horseback riding in the black hills. That's what I'm the most excited about right now, haha!


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Hi! :D I went on vacation, and I just got back last night! It doesn't look like I missed much on this thread at least, LOL.
Dudley is doing good. I put his viv downstairs since my room gets so warm, and I just moved him back.
He started shedding while I was gone though: His little "hat" shed, the flub under his beard is shedding, and his arm just started shedding too. He crinkles when he moves, LOL! Poor guy, I should really give him a bath now. :roll: Pictures will be posted today or tomorrow!


Welcome back! You did mention that in an earlier post. How did Dudley do while you were away?
Too funny, Chubs just shed too - the shed hat was hilarious, but the beard wasn't so funny.
He stepped on his own skin and pulled a little off - he's okay, but wouldn't let me take it off his foot right away :lol: He's been loving his baths, closes his eyes while I drip water on his head. I think it's safe to say that he didn't get baths at the pet store. Well, glad you're back! Can't to hear what you both have been up to!


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Its funny I think I can see Dudley or a dragon in the back of your photo maybe not...Just a funny thought. LOL


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Hope you had a good time! You missed some awful weather here, although I can't imagine it was much better in SD. Can't wait to see pics!


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Thanks! :D From what I know, Dud did well! He seemed pretty happy to be in my room again and have things back to normal though. But when I came back, my rabbit was completely out of hay and water and our guinea pig was out of hay too, so I need to find a new pet sitter. :( My friend usually takes great care of everyone, so IDK what happened! It's hard to find someone who isn't scared of Dudley or his food... Hey JenFid, are you up for some Dudley sitting?? :p

Oh, and his shed came off it the bath! Hooray!

@HaleyMaree: Are you talking about my avatar? Because the orange speck in the bottom left corner is indeed Dudley! :wink:

Pics tomorrow. I just finished the final coat on my DIY rocks, and I'm too lazy to do it now LOL!


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Hi Jess, Happy to hear you had a great mini vacation! LOL

That is such a bummer about your pet sitter! Wish I was closer I would love to care for some more critters!

Will be back tomorrow to see all the new pics :blob5:

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