Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

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My dad just randomly came home with him! He is cutest thing ever, and has tons of chub! He just dived into his salad! :D
Hes 2 years old, 15-17 in. long (has pretty good sized nip) and 442 grams... Dyed from red sand, so I cant see his colors. :D

Will post more details/pics later... I have to babysit! :D


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Jess4921":19qh28ml said:
Thanks! :D From what I know, Dud did well! He seemed pretty happy to be in my room again and have things back to normal though. But when I came back, my rabbit was completely out of hay and water and our guinea pig was out of hay too, so I need to find a new pet sitter. :( My friend usually takes great care of everyone, so IDK what happened! It's hard to find someone who isn't scared of Dudley or his food... Hey JenFid, are you up for some Dudley sitting?? :p

Oh, and his shed came off it the bath! Hooray!

@HaleyMaree: Are you talking about my avatar? Because the orange speck in the bottom left corner is indeed Dudley! :wink:

Pics tomorrow. I just finished the final coat on my DIY rocks, and I'm too lazy to do it now LOL!
Oh yes I would LOVE to babysit Dud! I grew up on a ranch so I could do the rabbit and guinea pig too if needed ;) I was actually going to ask the same thing of you for Sarth! I have a friend who loves him so I doubt she would have a problem feeding him, but I like the idea of having someone who actually knows beardies very well :) I just wasn't sure cause I know you're 17 so you're either starting college this year or senior year of HS I imagine very soon. Hubby and I are actually leaving August 12-15 for my bro's wedding in if you're available...I'd gladly pay you in dubia :mrgreen: the colony has been going nuts with all this hot steamy weather.

It's funny actually, a friend of ours who has a beardie from TCR (same guy who got me re-interested in them!) asked me if I might be available to watch his guy in October and I got sooooo excited! You should have seen the look on my husbands face...the last thing he wants is me fawning over more dragons :laughhard:


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I never noticed the Dudley speck before! That's awesome! LOL

Glad you guys are near each other. I'm going to Branson for the weekend in August and Christi (cmh3988) is watching Bowser for me. My roommates won't mess with him and his force-feedings. They'll dump crix in for Yosh, but that's it. LOL


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Thanks Sherri! :D

@JenFid: Awesome! :D I don't know if I'm taking any more vacations this summer, but I'll definitely let you know if I do! It's SO hard to find a decent pet sitter. My rabbit absolutely hates being moved though, so unless you wanted to come to my house to check on everyone, you would probably just get Dud.
And I'm still a senior, but I would have plenty of time to beardie sit. I can ask my mom if I can take him on those dates, if you want!

LOL, the more the merrier, right? Since the beardie already has an owner you can't keep it, so he shouldn't complain!

@Sashee: Haha, I know. :p He was in a corner of a bunch of my pictures, LOL!
That's good that someone with beardie experience is watching Bower for you! Once I had to leave Wink when he wasn't eating, and I was SO worried about him!


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Yea that would be great! I have Sarths old 40 gal with all his lights if needed but I'm sure you still have Dud's old set up too. Let me know what your mom thinks and we can go from there. :D

Well we are up to the cabin for the weekend, nice rain this morning gave way to gorgeous weather :)


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@Jen: I can Sarth-sit for you! :D I do indeed have Dud's old set up, so all you would need to bring is some of his decor so he feels at home, his thermometer, and a UVB... And Sarth of course, LOL. If you don't want to bring his UVB, I can just take him outside for some sun since it's only 3 days.

@Beezer: Highschool's been pretty good! I'm actually kinda excited for senior year! How about you?

OK, picture time!!

Here are some pictures of Dud I took right before I left (Compare these to the picture of him at the end, LOL):




And now in South Dakota...

Mt. Rushmore:

We went to this place called "Bear Country U.S.A", and from the little brochers I read, I expected it to be this nature preserve type of thing, that you drive through and hope to see some wild animals. WRONG. It was basically a drive through zoo! The poor animals were in fenced in areas, separated by electric fencing and stuff so the species wouldn't mix. It was kinda pathetic IMO. :roll: But here are some pics of the animals.





And then, we went to the "Reptile Gardens". At first, it seemed kinda neat. They had this huge room with all these different reptiles, and they even had some beardies! I was all like "LOOK! LOOK! They have BEARDIEEESSS!!!" The ones in the giant room looked pretty healthy too:

(This one looked kinda skinny though... Poor thing was obviously an outcast from the group of big males)

... And then, I made the mistake of going upstairs to the snake section.
They had a cage that was obviously smaller than a 40B that was filled with mulch, infested by fruit flies, and UVB-less that had 3 beardies of it, and 2 of them had some horrible MBD. I'm hoping the MBD ones were donated, and not raised there. Oh, and they were feeding them lettuce and carrots. There was one in the front who was gasping for breath (URI?), and he had the worst MBD. :( It was awful. I had to talk to 2 employees before anyone took notice of him, and I THINK they removed him because there were only 2 left in the cage when I left. I mean, seriously... If you have a huge tourist attraction that supposedly has the biggest reptile collection in the US, you would think they would know how to take care of them?!?!
The poor gators there all looked really depressed too.

A cave we visited. I think it's the Sitting Bull one?




A cute little butterfly that landed on me:

A waterfall:

Pretty landscape:

And we went on this AMAZING horse ride too, but the pictures are on a different camera right now. But they actually let you full-on gallop through the woods and actually ride, and the people were really great. We went for the 1 hr one first, and then we loved it so much that we went for the 2 hour on the last day of our vacation. Definitely one the best horse experienced I've ever had!
My sister was attacked by a branch too when we were galloping, LOL, so she has his massive cut going down her arm. It was hilarious :p

What I arrived home to:

Poor Dudley is currently shedding his left moob, and he is being a little cranky and not interested in greens. I also discovered today that I only had 3 supers left, so I don't think that helped his mood!

I just finished spray painting my DIY rocks! The big one is Dudley's, and the little one is for Tastiger.



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That looks like One awesome vacation! Glad you had fun!
Did I see a red and blue reptile in one of your pictures? I swear I did lol
I'm going into my last year of HS, can't wait to move on.
Your DIY rocks look professionally done! You have talent :D


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Thanks HerpGirl!! :D

@Beezer: Yeah, it looked like they had some different types of agamas living with the beardies. The blue/red one was awesome. I'm amazed that they beardies tolerate the other lizards... If Dudley came to live there, all the smaller lizards would be toast LOL.
Oh, do you still want a DIY rock? I think I'll start new ones with in a week (I'm just finishing sealing those 2) so PM me if you want. :D
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