St. Louis, MO Reptile Breeders Expo June 13

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We are going to be there, with roaches(dubia and lobster) we will also have roach chow by the pound and water crystals in 1 oz packets and in I believe 8 and 12 oz jars... don't quote me on the jars though LOL we may also have super worms a dollar a dozen. Last but not least I'll have 4 baby dragons with me to sell, These guys are AWESOME lol. Can't wait for them to go to great homes.



you can see that the largest one is in shed (again) :D these guys turned out very nicely, they are about the biggest piggies I've ever seen though :shock:

here's a pic I found on my phone of the one in shed, you can't really see the colors well in these photos but they are amazing LOL


I will be there Sunday looking to buy a few roaches, so you can count on me seeing you. I have been wanting to try them out and figured this would be a great time to get some. I only wish I had the money to buy a 2nd dragon this weekend, but I think the old lady would be quite upset if I walk through the door with one. Lets work out a credit deal lol :).


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Anybody else? Masi and I will be there. I may stop in for some of your roaches! I am mostly in the market for a female Leopard Gecko or two. But also will be looking for some feeders. Maybe some silkworms or hornworms!



I went to the show, but was not as happy as I had been in shows past. There were some good red dragons, but I already have a red and would really like to find a new color scheme. There were some black ones that were nice too I guess. Glad I went and met the "roach people" :). Looking forward to getting in contact soon and getting a roach house going.
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