Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

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We never expected to get another dragon, but our neighbours next door wanted to give away Cleo, as he was called. We'd babysat him before, he's such a sweetheart. We nicknamed him Velcro because when he snuggles he never wants to go back to his viv, he hangs on as if he's made out of velcro.

So here he is. Today was his first day with us. He ate 13 supers and ate some squash, not bad for the first day he was here. He's only in a 30 gallon tank, which will be ok for now. He's 18" long but weighs only 200g. We figure he's probably 2 yrs old. Our neighbours rescued him last fall, they found him and a female (which they named Puff) on Craig's list. They were in a 30 gallon dirty tank, with sand and a huge log that took up 1/2 the space in the tank. Leo was at the bottom, he was sooooo skinny. He's gained weight, but never got the attention he deserved. I took some pics today, but will take more tomorrow. I think he remembers our place as didn't get stressed as I expected. No stress marks at all. When we let him run around the living room, he noticed our girls and immediate black beard, so his hormones are working!

He had a bath this morning, had a big poop, no smell, so not worried about parasites.

So here are a few pics, he's a yellow & dark gray, light gray colour.

Under the communal power sun in the living room:

Discovering there are girls in those tanks up above, he has a great black beard for such a skinny boy:

On the couch, he's got a pretty diamond pattern on his back:


Hope you enjoy
Deb and my six dragons :D :shock: :shock: :shock: :cry: :cry: :( :love5:

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I'm glad that you had another USB port to use and were able to upload photos again.

The grandkids are so big! Are they settling in well to the different house rules?

So happy to hear that Gabriel's still doing well and wants to get out.
Give him a hug for me.

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I will, he's on the ramp now, enjoying the TV. Eric brought his small flat screen over and it sure is a better picture than the old one I have.

And no, the kids don't get rules, they understand them but continue to ignore the few that I have. So the trucks, especially, aren't allowed on the kitchen tile, too noisy, so they get put away alot in special places the kids can't access. Otherwise they're good. Last weekend they drove us crazy, we had them an extra day, both Eric and I had a really bad cold and the kids were beyond full of energy as it was pouring out and they couldn't get out much. Oh well, hopefully this weekend is different, they're only here from Sat am until Sun afternoon, give Eric a break. He has severe arthritis in his knew which is why it blew up. His left ankle got swollen, too, so he spent yesterday sleeping. But he went back to work today, in pain. He has a prescription for stronger anti-inflammation meds, so hopefully that will help him. He can't change jobs, so he has to live with it.

I gave him a big hug for you Gina, he's an amazing dragon, he just keeps going on and going on; I'm hoping he's here for a very long time. At least he's not jumping off things anymore. My buddy :D

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Finally downloaded the rest of the pictures and have a few of Gabriel. He's hanging in, though his belly is getting wider, poor guy. He likes to hang his belly, so he's been using Cierra's old cricket keeper:
He's been using it is quite a few ways:

And finally fell asleep:

So he's been doing well, has energy in the am, then just rests after that. He also wants a snuggle as often as I'll give him one.

I finally got a picture of how fired up Imp gets when he has his bath:

Gabriel and Imp really get along when they're on the counter in the kitchen, waiting for supplements and baths, but not so much anywhere else.

and he likes to be on the ramp in the am:

Bella likes to sleep like a person:

So much for my non humans, now for the humans. I'm getting used to the kids coming over and they're getting more used to being here. Safara tends to dramatize coming here and Leo just says "not to Mommy's" on Sunday because he wants to spend more time with his dad, understandable.

I did get the MRI results, I have osteo arthritis in my lower spine, explains why it hurts so much as it must have been growing the last 10 years. So can now get to the arthritis assessment. See my doc again on Nov 17 and will request an MRI of my spine to see if it's elsewhere, too. I know it's in my fingers, think it's in my knees and toes, but that doesn't bother me, doesn't hurt much. I'll be SO glad to retire! 4 years Dec 1, seems like forever!

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Thanks so much! Yes, I have a feeling that's what he's trying to do. I put 2 blankets on top of each other so it's as high as his basking spot and he can be partially on the basking platform, hang his belly and have his back end on the blankets, he does that, too.

I'm amazed that he's still doing so well, even though for 2 days now, he's refused any bugs. So tomorrow I'll make up a small mix, add the tumeric and give him that for tomorrow, then try bugs again next week. I think the big belly prevents him eating sometimes. At least he's pooping normally and in his bath, like this morning. So I let him loose on the living room floor. There are still toys and blankets on the floor from last weekend when the grandkids visited, so I left them there to give Gabriel something to do.


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Gabriel's poor tummy, he looks comfy though, and his beard is so handsome!
Is that seriously Imp? He looks so grown up and big now! Is he eating better now?
The grandkids look so cute, you can see the energy in those pics, XD

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Thanks Makayla. Gabriel always looks healthy, but that big belly of his is the bubble of the aneurysm. He doesn't think much of it, likes to be upright or have his belly in the air, guess it's easier for him that way. So I have 2 fleece blankets that I made into a tower, same height as his resin basking platform, that he loves, but I think the belly bothers him on anything hard. So he spends alot of time on the fleece blanket tower instead & that's where I put the UVB light.

Today he was adventurous and walked through the living room, around the couch, and underneath the worm bin. That was alot of walking for him! I'm hoping he'll continue to do that. He still swims in his bath, only not as much as usual. And he HATES getting too hot, which is why he won't sit under the ramp light, it's a 100W(had to switch out the one in Cierra's tank, had no UVB left.

I read through the MRI report with my chiro, the doc yesterday didn't pick up on the cyst or mass they saw part of, in the right kidney, so need an ultrasound to determine what that is. So went back to the doc office (just a few blocks from the chiro) and ordered an ultrasound for the kidney. Not sure what it is, but will find out soon, hopefully.

Just one more thing to follow up on, honestly!

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Gabriel looks great! I'm so glad that he still has the energy to run around in the mornings. What a trooper!

Sorry to hear that you have osteoarthritis in your spine. Is there anything that can do or give me to take for that?
Hope the cyst on your kidney turns out to be nothing of concern.

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Hi Gina, yes, he's doing really well. Runs out of energy about 1p, but then he gets himself up on that cricket keeper and sleeps there. Silly boy :mrgreen:

No, there's really nothing to be done, heat helps, so I have a heating pad to put on it. Exercise is even better so walking Bella works well for me. Plus I need to start slowly at the gym to built up my muscle mass again, it seems to have walked away :roll:

I'm waiting for an ultrasound and hopefully it's something that is easy to get out. I'll keep you posted.

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Hi Deb. Gabriel looks great. He's quite the amazing beardie and continues to not let the aneurysm bubble get him down. Love his stamina. Hope he continues to do well for a loooong time. Give him some extra cuddles from me please. :love5:

Osteoarthritis sure can be painful and you never know when it will be bad, I have it too. Fun getting old, isn't it? NOT. Good that you can get some walking in when you take Bella out for a walk. Hope you can get into the gym soon before winter hits.

Sorry to hear about the area on your kidney, hope & pray it is nothing concerning. When is your U.S.? Please be sure to let us know. Have you been having any kidney pain?

BlueDragon09 Addict

I hace have some catching up to do. I heard about Eric and a lady friend that's great! Glad the crew is ok even though they're asleep except for Gabriel but happy to hear he's doing ok though he has that thing inside him..I've forgotten what he has. The kids are so cute!!

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Hi Kami, it's an aneurysm, there's a bubble in his belly that is causing his belly to increase, so that's why he likes to have his belly hanging. If it pops, he'll die of blood loss, especially if the artery that is leaking is connected to his heart, impossible to know with spending lots of $ and because there's nothing I can do, I make sure he gets exercise and then he rests on the cricket keeper.

Hi Diane, yes, I'll let you know as soon as I'm told about the appointment for the ultrasound. Hopefully soon, I feel better and want to start going back to work soon. Maybe do a couple of short shifts next week and see how I feel. The more shifts I do, the more I'm paid, as if I work, I'm paid 100% for those hours, would help to have more $ in December!

So I have to wake up the rest of the crew for baths, I've let them go for a couple of weeks, so it's time. I'll get the 2 older boys up first on Wednesday, then I'll get Cierra and Imp up on Friday.

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So I got the appt for the ultrasound on my kidney, Nov 30, not too far away. I'm really hoping it's nothing serious, at least the left kidney doesn't have anything wrong! I'm seeing my Doc on the 17th, my own doc that is, and will be reporting that other doctor & also getting an MRI for the rest of my spine. If I have osteoarthritis through my whole spine, would sure explain all the pain I go through.

Gabriel refused to eat his worms today, I think the pressure in his belly is getting to him. He stood up all day on his basking platform today until I snuggled him for awhile then put him to bed on the soft blankets I stacked up for him. It just makes me so sad, ended up crying most of the day today.

Tara has now accused my sister of saying she's a bad mommy, because Leo told her that. All we did was make chocolate cake! My sister was only here last Saturday for 2 hours and the time went fast. She sure didn't say that! And I didn't the last time he told her that I said that, too. So now there's a meeting on Saturday at her parents, with them, Eric, me and Tara to "DISCUSS" this matter. And we don't get the kids this weekend. After the screaming from last weekend, I don't mind. I'm afraid I'm going to open my mouth and tell her she's an unfit mother anyway and she's driving Eric nuts, but I'm going to have to hold my tongue and get out of there as fast as I can. I sure don't want to make life harder for Eric, he as so much to deal having enough $ to live. That has to change. Vent over.

I think Leo is telling her that so he can stay longer at Daddy's. He'd love to just move in here so he could see Daddy every night...but that's not the reality. So between all this drama and Gabriel, my tears keep falling. So depressing. At least I have Bella to sleep with me and get me out of the house. Next week I'll be working 2 - 4 hour shifts to see how I manage. I really need to get out of the house more.

Bella and I had a different kind of day today. She has fleas, so I gave her a bath, water up over her back & drowned the buggers, then I put a flea collar on her as it's all I could afford. I wanted to get Advantage, but it was give Eric gas $ to get to work until he's paid...more important. Hopefully the flea collar works. Having never had a dog before, this is all new to me. I also have to start brushing her teeth. Went to the dentist yesterday and got a baby toothbrush, have the mint toothpaste, so starting tomorrow we'll brush out teeth at the same time, first I'll do mine, then I'll do hers.

Then it's make the mix to feed Gabriel, see if he'll eat it, then chiro for me.

So some pictures:

Bella and Gabriel, they get along very well. Bella is their protector, every dragon I have, she loves to sit beside.

Bella playing with her Winnie the Pooh toy

This is the pile of blankets that I made for Gabriel to soften what he sleeps on. You can see how wide his belly is now and it was bigger today.

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CASTIEL IS AWAKE! His first brumation lasted 2 1/2 mo! I sure missed my big boy. Not sure if he'll stay awake, but so far so good.
Got lots of snuggles from him, too. :D

Gabriel decided to be lazy today, didn't move from this position all day. My poor sweet Gabriel, he's starting to fail but still gets up every day & gets lots of snuggles.

Imp is still up so tomorrow he'll get more food, looks like he's up for awhile. He sits on Ella, even if she's upside down :lol:
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