Nacho, need some advice and help!


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I am looking for some advice. We do have 1.8 months old BD Nacho, he is very good boy. Lately I noticed he has problems with his back legs. I took him to the vet, but she is not an expert , she is more learning on him that provide us the answers. Please, see his pictures. Any ideas what is wrong with Nacho? He has something on his spine? Any advice/ info will be appreciated. Thank you.


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Ok, great. As Karrie suggested, the towels work very well & are very soft & give some cushion
for him. The basking temperatures are good then, hopefully he will stay where he needs to so he
can keep warm.
As far as the supplementation goes, I would definitely keep with the calcium 4-5 times per week,
but with the D3, limit that intake to 1-2 times weekly. They can actually get too much D3 & it can
cause oversupplementation or Hypervitaminosis D. It is a fat soluble vitamin which is stored & it
can become toxic in the system since it isn't flushed out often.
The slurries for nutrition are fine for him right now since he isn't eating much on his own.
How is he doing today?

Keep us posted on him.

He is doing ok, just not moving much. Thank you .I will keep you in the loop with him.:)


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Nacho visited the Vet again, she redone X-rays. I will ask her on Monday to email me a copy . There are some changes for worst like bump shifts /growing. Vet is not sure if it is spinal tumour or injury. We are not giving up. What about this natural pain meds?? Can you recommend what dosage? Thank you.

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