"Mom I gots poo on me!"

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Okay, so yesterday I woke up to the scratching of Diablo on the plexi glass. I went out got some breakfast went on the computer for a little bit, then went back to feed Diablo and when I went in there he had marks on his belly that looked like bruises so I was like, what the heck"? Then I got closer and looked in his enclosure and saw poo smeared EVERYWHERE! I took Diablo out and his feet, tail, and belly were COVERED in poo!!!! Along with the plexi glass and tiles. So I took him into the bathroom and turned on the bath and got a wash rag and cleaned him. It wasnt easy though cause I has to get his feet and he kept grabbing onto the cloth and hitting my with his tail lol. Little brat. Then I had to clean one STINKY cage haha. Now he's clean and his tank is too. What a day...


LMAO I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!!!
Thanatos doesn't seem to mind the mess though he sits in it poops on his rocks his fake plant oh my. Thankg god I have tile as a substrate!


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oh my god, the other day i let my two beardies hang out on my bed
and the EXACT same time they both pooped, on my bed, it was so gross!
but actually mine arent too bad about smearing it or anything. and they dont seem to mind pooing in their viv.
i guess im lucky :D


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by Kimsteadman87 on Mon Sep 29, 2008 7:17 pm
our's like to wait untill there out so they can do it all over the carpet

Wiggles does this too, when he has to poop in his tank he tends to glass dance until we let him out and remove it, he's only once pooped on any of his stuff and only ever gets any on him by accident in his frenzied attemps to escape his tank and the smell.


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I've started throwing mine in a bath for a few seconds in the morning to get his morning poo out rather than in his viv. Then at night he gets his regular bath and does poo #2


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LJean":31bbd said:
No, can't blame them for not wanting to poo in their viv, but do they have to smear it? LOL

ever lived with an autistic kid? :puke:

Trevor is cleaner than his owner :banghead:
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