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My name is Liz. Some of you may have seen my past thread and recent posts on here lately. I'm 23 years old and I'm currently living with my grandparents. My boyfriend, who still lives at home as well, Paul, helps me care for and love these adorable terrors. I'm finishing up my last semester of school, my graduation date being somewhere in March. I work at the USPS as a letter carrier full time, I continue to do so after I graduate as well. Now, onto the more interesting features in my life and that ones everyone really wants to hear about, my reptiles.

Technically, Jace was not my first bearded dragon. Originally I had Kamajii, named after the boiler man from Spirited Away. Unfortunately, he suffered from epileptic seizures and I had to return him. I was very new to the reptile world and I wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment just yet for my first time. He and the other beardie that suffered from epileptic seizures were eventually adopted out to a really nice family who knew what they were doing. That, however, left me with Jace. He was a feisty bugger right from the start, pretty sure I bought him right before he hit puberty. After a lot of working with him, however, he is now my love bug and adores me, or at least he makes me think he does. He's two years old and has just gotten over his URI. Currently he is 19" and 490g.










Zy was my second beardie, but not my second reptile, actually she was my third if I remember correctly. She's a leatherback and was a Valentine's Day gift from Paul. Currently she is18.5"", 492g, and just turned two. The biggest problem I have with her is that she refuses to poop anywhere except on my carpet. And she will only poop on my carpet if I'm present. If it's just Paul, nope, nothing. If it's just me or both of us, she goes to town laying the biggest poops. She's always been very sweet. She hasn't black bearded ever, only puffs out to stretch her beard. And the only time she's ever bitten was from my hand feeding her greens. She's all mouth when it comes to eating.






R.I.P. Sorin
Sorin was my third bearded dragon who unfortunately had to be put to sleep. Here's the link to his memorial page that tells his story: https://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=212505. We miss him so much and today I picked up his ashes. I forgot to ask about the plaster paw print, if they were able to get one from him. I'll have to call and ask about it tomorrow. I spent the ride back, talking to him, telling him of all the things I've missed about him, of the good times, of the new baby and asking for his blessing. I love you, Sor-Bor. He was a whopping 20" and 569g.












She's our newest member, we just picked her up tonight, actually. She's from Paul's coworker who has four bearded dragons but do to financial reasons, had to rehome two of them. Less was bought from an online breeder: Rainbow Bearded Dragons. He's a year and two months old and still a baby. He had her in a 10g viv and fed her only enough to not starve, but not enough to grow so she has a lot of catching up to do and looks so small in the 40g viv. We're hoping with a lot of food and proper care, she'll get right back onto growing and be as big as she was supposed to be. Will have to weigh and measure her tomorrow.






Ava was our first leopard gecko and her birthday will actually be in a couple of days. She'll be two years old. She's special needs, there's a chance she might have the enigma syndrome. Here's a link to a report on it if anyone is curious as to what the enigma syndrome is: http://www.freewebs.com/grinninggecko/enigmasyndromestudy.htm. Unfortunately it's rather sad. Other than, she seems to be doing well enough. She doesn't grow or gain much weight, but she is always, ALWAYS shedding.








Nissa was our first baby to choose us. I was walking in Petco, very dangerous, I know, and for the first time ever, a leopard gecko was glass dancing at me. I've never seen one ever pay me any attention before as Ava became Paul's. I knew then I had to get her so the next day I came home with Nissa. She's such a doll and gets into so much mischief. She'll be two years old in March.










Koth was our second and last baby to choose us. He was in a small, overcrowded cage at Petco (the same one that Sorin came from). Originally we were looking at rescuing a different one, but he woke up, crawled on top of all of the sleep leos and walked right up to us as if to say: "I'm your only choice." Of course, when he got home, he looked everywhere for the first week for the other leos. He couldn't believe that he had a place of his own and he is such a champ.










He was probably the worst off from any of our rescues. He came from a different pet store chain entirely, the one that is the bane of my existence, Dave's Soda and Pet Food City. How I loathe that man, let me count the ways. I would rather work at Petco and follow their rules than even be in a mile radius of this store. It. Is. Disgusting. And when I tried to report it, nothing happened. Phoenix is a true fire skink and was horribly miscalled for to put it mildly. When I saw him, I honestly thought he was told and told one of the employees. They woke him up to prove to me he wasn't. My response? That's good, I'll take him. Honestly, that first week we brought him home, we weren't sure if he was going to make it. The night we bought him we went to Petco to buy supplies and one of the employees there was APPALLED by his appearance. Anyways, we've now nursed him back to health. He's guess to be a year and three months old. And he is such a sweet and gentle soul, so fun to be around.










That's it for now.


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Work has kept me so busy that I've barely had time to do anything as I collapse from exhaustion as soon as I get home. The money is great and I'm sure it'll get better once I'm used to the work load. But because of this, I have been behind on my homework and have an eight to ten page paper due tomorrow. I also have a reading summary on top of two more take home exams and one more paper due the following week. I'm so ready to be done with school and move to just working.

So Vess has stopped showing any sign of interest in the dubia. She's driving me insane. I honestly don't know what to do for her. She's really trying me. I have so much going on between her and Jace and Zy with their URI. She did do a nice, healthy poop yesterday. I might have to make a vet appointment sooner rather than later with her. Need to reorganize my finances and she what I can do. The only problem is that I have work the only days my vet is at the office and I have no idea when I'll get getting off of work. That's the problem with this job, you have a start time, but no definite end time.


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So the USPS just tried calling me in and having me come in for one. I told him, sorry, can't. I have a paper due tomorrow for school. His response? "Okay..." As if he was asking me what I wanted him to do about it. I don't know what this means for me. Technically I wasn't scheduled so there shouldn't be a problem, but because I'm new and still on probation, they could fire me for the smallest and stupidest of things. Going to text my coworker and ask him if I'm in any trouble.


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Was it written into your employment contract that you have to take on extra work days/hours, that you cannot say no under any circumstance? If not, then you have nothing to worry about, especially since your reason for saying no was to concentrate on school work, not goofing off.

So sorry that both Jace and Zy have URIs. Hope your vet would be able to prescribe medications without having to bring Zy in.

As long as Vess is still eating something and producing healthy poops, and not losing weight, I wouldn't worry so much about her being so finicky with food.


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No, it doesn't say that anywhere, but the post office plays a lot of games. Thankfully I am part of the union so it would be harder for them to do anything against me since I would have the union on my side fighting for me. They can say something to me, though. My coworker responded saying that they give you grief whether you pick up or not. So who knows?

That's the problem, though, Vess hasn't been eating. She hasn't touched her food today or yesterday.


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For Vess could it be still relocation stress. I've seen dragons do fine for a few days, then stop for a few days, wondering if that could be it. Have you ordered the multi pack from Linda lately, to try her with different bugs, but with vet visit looming, not the best time. All I can suggest is just leave the dubia in her tank with greens and see what she does, a few days won't matter to her,you'll see. There's always carnivore or critical care with babyfood to help her along.

We were all so glad you got this job, but I thought it was understood that you graduate this session and had to do your schoolwork, too. Glad you're part of the union, in case it becomes an issue.

You'll get through this period, just as you always do, Liz, you're just made that way & I have faith in you. Once your schooling is done, it'll be a piece of cake going forward. Good luck!


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Here's hoping it's the relocation stress. I'll give her a few more days. I don't get paid until Friday anyways.

I'm so thankful that school is almost over, but the work assignments and work all at once are killing me. Tomorrow I'm not even going to pick up the phone.


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That's a good idea, get those assignments done so you can graduate, that's got to be your priority right now.


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So Zy is looking a little rounder than usual. Is it possible she has infertile eggs or is she just fat and needs more exercise? I couldn't feel anything in her tummy though I'm not really sure what I'm looking for.
I might take Zy to the vet anyways - her URI sounds like she has a lot of mucus build up in her throat unlike Jace's that just sounds like a gasp. She sounds like she's trying to clear her throat of mucus like I do when I'm sick. I thought this was supposed to be cold and flu season for people, not for reptiles. Will have to see if I can make a late night appointment since I have work and am not out until about 6pm. While there I'll ask for another round with Jace. These guys need to seriously stop as my whole world was shaken with what happened to Sorin. Having to make a vet appointment is a heck of a lot scarier after Sorin's last one.


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Liz, it's always hard to tell if they're carrying infertile eggs, because the eggs are so small. So here's a trick from Amanda Mosher who found RI alot with her crew:

She made up this bed and once her dragons (she had 5 with RI at the same time) she'd put the dragon on the bed so the mucus would roll out of their mouths at night. It helped alot, along with the meds, to clear our their lungs. So I'd recommend you do this with both Zy and Jace to help. She just used what she had at the house.

So back to eggs, these are the usual signs that she's going to lay, very restless, constantly glass dancing, digging in her viv, very small poops & urates left all over the place (that's a sign that she's looking for a male to fertilize her eggs.) Plus she'll stop eating about a week before she'll lay. Sweetie always lay an egg or two in her tank or in her bath a few days before she laid, that was my clue to get a lay box ready.

Now Puff, on the other hand, never gives me a clue, she lays her eggs in her tank, once she's done laying, that's when she'll start digging. She continues to eat while laying, but stops eating once all the eggs are laid. So she's completely different than Sweetie or Issy were, plus any other female dragon I've heard about.

I'd concentrate on the RI, hope you get into the vet soon to get the meds they both need as it won't go away without meds and it's contagious from what I understand, which might explain why they both have it. So putting that bed together with help them, too. GOOD LUCK.

Jango has just gotten rid of one, too. He was doing what Jace was doing, more gasping than coughing. The vet didn't notice one at first, so Tammy had to take him again and was on meds for 10 days, which seems to have worked. I know of a few others that are fighting RI, seems to be the time of the year.

So only Puff is awake right now. Leo and Gabriel are fast asleep, first time for Gabriel to be in brumation, will see how long it lasts. Didi, being on meds still, is sleeping under his light, wakes up for a couple of hours in the morning, get all his meds & food, then he's asleep all afternoon & night. He really wants to brumate but until I get him to the vet on Dec 13, he's stuck with the lights.


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I'll definitely look into making a ramp for Jace and Zy. Zy especially since she definitely has mucus. Made a vet appointment for her Thursday night. Hopefully I'll get out of work by 5pm or else I'll have to reschedule. This job can be impossible to work around sometimes.

She hasn't done any glass dancing or digging of any kind. Guess she's just fat. :lol:

I did Christmas pictures today. :roll: Some of the babies were more difficult to photograph than others... Okay, so Nissa was the only easy one to get pictures of, but anyways...


























I'll miss you always, Sor-bor.


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I realized I forgot to mention one of my side projects that I have been working on. I'm making a memorial book for Sorin using my computers iPhoto ability. It's one of the things I love about having an Apple laptop. Anyways, the book is going to be a hard cover. It's hard looking through all the pictures and deciding what I want to do and how I want to go about it. It's really hard looking at all of his pictures.... Probably why I stopped working on it for a bit. Anyways, here's a sneak peak of what I have in the works with this:
This is the cover and the inside flap. The inside flap might be hard to read, but it is Rainbow Bridge.

This is the introduction page:

And here are a couple what the pages will look like. Each picture is a picture of two pages:



And I'm still looking for a place to do an embroidery for his hammock. What do you think of the book so far?


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Liz, you take the BEST pictures, absolutely love them all. They all look happy & healthy. :p

That memorial book for Sorin is going to be perfect. Your choice of pictures are great. You are such a talented person. Can't wait to see the final project.


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Aw thanks. The babies were all being brats about it except for Nissa. Although for Ava, it wasn't her fault. She's just...special.

I'm really looking forward to the finished product as well. I'll probably order it on Friday. It's been difficult. I found my flash drive where I had stores even more pictures and started crying all over again. I miss him so much. All of his quirks are captured in these pictures and then I remember him so clearly as if he were still here. How excited he'd get over worms, all the trouble he would get himself into... I know eventually I really appreciate this book, but right now it reminds me how fresh the wounds are and how I still haven't quite healed. This shouldn't have happened to him. It wasn't fair. But then again, I guess it never is. I just wish he was still here.


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The Xmas pictures turned out wonderfully, even if they wouldn't co-operate.

And that memorial book is awesome, you are so talented. You will appreciate having that as time goes by. You have to take the time to grieve. It's been over 7 mo since Rubio died and I'm now able to look at his pictures without crying. I miss Lonzo but he had a full life, so my grieving hasn't been as keen as it was for Rubio. So you take your time, it's a normal process. It's just worse because he was so young.


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So I finished the memorial book sometime last night, but was too tired to post the finished product.

Cover and inside flap:


The pages:
















Back of the book and back cover:
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