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My name is Liz. Some of you may have seen my past thread and recent posts on here lately. I'm 23 years old and I'm currently living with my grandparents. My boyfriend, who still lives at home as well, Paul, helps me care for and love these adorable terrors. I'm finishing up my last semester of school, my graduation date being somewhere in March. I work at the USPS as a letter carrier full time, I continue to do so after I graduate as well. Now, onto the more interesting features in my life and that ones everyone really wants to hear about, my reptiles.

Technically, Jace was not my first bearded dragon. Originally I had Kamajii, named after the boiler man from Spirited Away. Unfortunately, he suffered from epileptic seizures and I had to return him. I was very new to the reptile world and I wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment just yet for my first time. He and the other beardie that suffered from epileptic seizures were eventually adopted out to a really nice family who knew what they were doing. That, however, left me with Jace. He was a feisty bugger right from the start, pretty sure I bought him right before he hit puberty. After a lot of working with him, however, he is now my love bug and adores me, or at least he makes me think he does. He's two years old and has just gotten over his URI. Currently he is 19" and 490g.










Zy was my second beardie, but not my second reptile, actually she was my third if I remember correctly. She's a leatherback and was a Valentine's Day gift from Paul. Currently she is18.5"", 492g, and just turned two. The biggest problem I have with her is that she refuses to poop anywhere except on my carpet. And she will only poop on my carpet if I'm present. If it's just Paul, nope, nothing. If it's just me or both of us, she goes to town laying the biggest poops. She's always been very sweet. She hasn't black bearded ever, only puffs out to stretch her beard. And the only time she's ever bitten was from my hand feeding her greens. She's all mouth when it comes to eating.






R.I.P. Sorin
Sorin was my third bearded dragon who unfortunately had to be put to sleep. Here's the link to his memorial page that tells his story: https://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=212505. We miss him so much and today I picked up his ashes. I forgot to ask about the plaster paw print, if they were able to get one from him. I'll have to call and ask about it tomorrow. I spent the ride back, talking to him, telling him of all the things I've missed about him, of the good times, of the new baby and asking for his blessing. I love you, Sor-Bor. He was a whopping 20" and 569g.












She's our newest member, we just picked her up tonight, actually. She's from Paul's coworker who has four bearded dragons but do to financial reasons, had to rehome two of them. Less was bought from an online breeder: Rainbow Bearded Dragons. He's a year and two months old and still a baby. He had her in a 10g viv and fed her only enough to not starve, but not enough to grow so she has a lot of catching up to do and looks so small in the 40g viv. We're hoping with a lot of food and proper care, she'll get right back onto growing and be as big as she was supposed to be. Will have to weigh and measure her tomorrow.






Ava was our first leopard gecko and her birthday will actually be in a couple of days. She'll be two years old. She's special needs, there's a chance she might have the enigma syndrome. Here's a link to a report on it if anyone is curious as to what the enigma syndrome is: http://www.freewebs.com/grinninggecko/enigmasyndromestudy.htm. Unfortunately it's rather sad. Other than, she seems to be doing well enough. She doesn't grow or gain much weight, but she is always, ALWAYS shedding.








Nissa was our first baby to choose us. I was walking in Petco, very dangerous, I know, and for the first time ever, a leopard gecko was glass dancing at me. I've never seen one ever pay me any attention before as Ava became Paul's. I knew then I had to get her so the next day I came home with Nissa. She's such a doll and gets into so much mischief. She'll be two years old in March.










Koth was our second and last baby to choose us. He was in a small, overcrowded cage at Petco (the same one that Sorin came from). Originally we were looking at rescuing a different one, but he woke up, crawled on top of all of the sleep leos and walked right up to us as if to say: "I'm your only choice." Of course, when he got home, he looked everywhere for the first week for the other leos. He couldn't believe that he had a place of his own and he is such a champ.










He was probably the worst off from any of our rescues. He came from a different pet store chain entirely, the one that is the bane of my existence, Dave's Soda and Pet Food City. How I loathe that man, let me count the ways. I would rather work at Petco and follow their rules than even be in a mile radius of this store. It. Is. Disgusting. And when I tried to report it, nothing happened. Phoenix is a true fire skink and was horribly miscalled for to put it mildly. When I saw him, I honestly thought he was told and told one of the employees. They woke him up to prove to me he wasn't. My response? That's good, I'll take him. Honestly, that first week we brought him home, we weren't sure if he was going to make it. The night we bought him we went to Petco to buy supplies and one of the employees there was APPALLED by his appearance. Anyways, we've now nursed him back to health. He's guess to be a year and three months old. And he is such a sweet and gentle soul, so fun to be around.










That's it for now.


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Wow, you can see Vess's hip bones sticking out in that pic. Yeah, she's definitely way under weight. I hope she will be able to grow length wise, but like I said before, she'll still be lovely even if she stays small.

That was awfully nice of your vet office to send the card. See, they do care and "mourn".


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So Vess has had about 20 crickets today so far and Paul is going to try ans feed her more when he gets back from school as I got called into work. I'll have to buy more crickets tomorrow at the rate she's going through them.


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She probably had never eaten so much, nor been offered this much food at once.


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Probably, but it's so funny watching her get so excited about it she forgets to eat. :lol:

Yes, it is.

She had a total of 28 medium crickets today. I'm not going to lie, I look at her little body and think about how big the medium crickets are and I almost feel like she ate her weight in crickets today. She didn't poop today, but she did poop twice yesterday so I'm not too worried. I'm also still fiddling with her temps to get them right. I placed the order for the roaches tonight as well as an order for a hammock and some more calc for the beardies. I'm excited about getting her the hammock. I also went to Petco today and bought her a branch to go with the decor I took from Zy because Zy only wants her branch and nothing else. All she had for decor at home was a brick...
It's funny, Vess is so much like Jace when he was a baby so I have high hopes for her. She gapes and hisses at us like he did and there are just so many little similarities. Must be his long lost daughter lol.


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Wow, 28 crickets, she is eating so well. She will be packing the wt on very soon. Vess hisses at you? She looks like an angel in her pictures, I can't believed she'd hiss. :wink: Bet she will enjoy the hammock & branch. She's spoiled already. :) So happy to hear she is doing so well.


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Angel might butt. Her halo is a like broken and twisted if you asking me, lol.
And yes, I'm glad to see her eating and enjoying it so much. So far I'm not working tomorrow, but that doesn't mean anything. If I'm not, I'm going to be hanging with the babies and spoiling them silly.


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Hope you don't have to work tomorrow so you CAN spoil them, we all know how you love doing that. :p


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She is so cute, but that is a huge difference between Zy at that length & Vess. Wow. But I'm so glad she's eating so much, she must think she's in heaven the way she's being treated. The previous person should be starved, just to see what it's like. But at least she's in a great home and she will grow, it will just take some time. Some beardies add a few inches when they've been almost starved. The good thing is she's in great health & so fiesty, so cute :lol: Love the pics of her! And she hisses at you? Bad girl, she'll get used to you soon enough and she'll be a snuggle bum, too, you'll see. :love5:

I'm glad you got Sorin's paw prints, he'll always be with you. And that poem about Rainbow Bridge is what I believe, too. I believe my 4 girls and 2 boys are all romping around there, with Roger, he's taking care of all the newbies & they're all healthy again. Sorin's in the middle of all that, but he's remembering you & Paul, always.

Thanks for making a new thread to keep us all updated on your crew, especially Vess.


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Yes, she usually gapes and hisses. Today when I got back from work she decided to prove me wrong. She ran away at first and has since rested on my hand very comfortably. She's going to be a pretty yellow.

Vess gain a couple grams - I weighed her when I got home.


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She seems to be doing well: running around and pooping. Her eating is sporadic - sometimes a lot, sometimes only a little. The dubia roaches should be in today and the hammock should be in on Friday. I'm excited to get her started on roaches and to get rid of the crickets as the roaches can be put in a bowl, crickets not so much. She's getting better about being handled.

Jace and Zy:
I don't think these two know what they want. They seem to want to sleep and brumate, but at the same time neither seems to be willing to give up eating. Such silliness. I wish they'd just make up their minds and do one or the other, not hover on the line.

The other babies are doing well, not nearly as obnoxious as the beardies have been - aka Jace and Vess.

Well, I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


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As long as she's eating (and giving healthy poops), I wouldn't worry too much about Vess. She's probably still learning that there will be an abundant offering of food every day. Once she figures that out, she won't gorge herself anymore.

My babies are like Jace and Zy. They all still want worms every day but also want to sleep. Digi is totally not being herself this year, because she'd get up bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning then go into her cave about 2 hours or so before lights out. All previous years she'd be the first to brumate and last to wake up.


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I'm still waiting to go through my first brumation - so nerve racking. Because of Vess's age, is there a chance she might brumate?

The roaches did in fact come today and Vess went crazy for them - a lot more so than she did for the crickets so I'm pleased. Hopefully she'll start gaining weight.
She's sitting with my right now. Was trying to take a nap with Paul and she was banging around, tap tap, tapping so I caved and took her out. For the most part she's behaving. She's such a little diva/princess. Lord knows she'll never wave lol
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