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Hello, I just joined this website to confirm whether this looks like a dead bearded dragon or not. He did a lot of strange things yesterday and we though we had confirmed it to be because of brumation. Now he looks dead and I’m pretty sure he did but just to be sure as a first time owner. He is around 2 years old his temperatures seem to be normal nothing has changed in his diet or habitat except for one light bulb change. The first notice or anything bad was yesterday morning when he was observed sun basking.
We turned down the heat alittle as we noticed it was alittle too high. Next thing we knew maybe an hour later he was looking he was sleeping but not moving. We did a rehydration Gatorade bath as suggested by a firednly pet store owner ( we don’t have an exotic pets store anywhere near us) That helped as we noticed his eyes open and we noticed more breathing. After research we concluded that this was our beardes first time brumating due to a drop in the pressure outside the night before.

Turns out we could have been horrible wrong. I saw him around 11 am today sluggish and hanging over his food bowl. As a way to aid his comfort I moved him to the floor of his cage and found him about 5 hours later in a slightly turned direction, not seeming to be moving. Eyes half closed and drool started to come out of his mouth. I immediately went to do the same thing as we did yesterday with the bath and all and nothing his breathing and eyes, nothing changed. I placed him in bed to watch over. He has a horrible smell omitting from hIm as well.

If you do think this is death let me know and if you know about anything that could have happened it him let me know please.

Is 2 years old a normal age for a captive beardie to die?

I HAVE SUPPLIED PHOTOS The first is from today and his current state while the other was yesterday after he opened his eyes for the first time.


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My condolences on your loss, it is the worst feeling.:cry: Especially when it is so sudden & they are
so young.
Could he have possibly eaten something toxic or poisonous somehow?
I highly doubt a bulb would cause this, absolutely overnight.


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