1. Z

    High Uric Acid

    Good evening everyone. Unfortunately, our Zero is sick again. Within the past three weeks he has been more lethargic hiding most of the day. In order to get him to bask, we have to physically take him out of his hide. Well he only pooped one a week for two weeks (which is not normal for him) so...
  2. Z

    Pooped While Sleeping

    Hey guys, I have some concerns about our bearded dragon. Last night I woke up at around midnight and noticed that he pooped while sleeping. I did take him off his platform, cleaned the poop, and got him a new blanket. It was almost as if he pooped and slid forward. He did briefly wake up while I...
  3. Ravenna

    Birth Defect

    First of all, English isn't my first language, so excuse me for making mistakes. We have been breeding two (now three) times. Two times we didn't encounter any serious problems. But the third time the babies have been totally fine till some time ... They all experience the same spine problems...
  4. L

    Mouth rot

    My beardie was sick and wet to the vet on Wednesday. The vet said that he had early stages of mouth rot and prescribed a .5ml dosage of SMZ+TMP twice daily. I’ve been giving him his medication and daily soaks but he seems to be getting worse. He’s extremely lethargic and doesn’t move much...
  5. M

    Newly Rescued Beardie has Fungus?

    Hello everyone, I just rescued a female bearded dragon a few days ago from my cousin. I am new at caring for beardie, so I was perplexed when I saw that the beardie has a dull color and it’s getting darker to the tail. He said that there is nothing to worry about, but I am still concerned. Could...
  6. S

    My beardie has a parasitic fungi in his eye, Microsporidia

    Hi! So I I’ve posted about Mango’s eye discharge before. It’s been going on for 4 weeks now and have tried multiple things to help. Although nothing worked. So I took him to the vet a week ago, last Monday. The vet I took him to said absolutely NOTHING to me about his eye! Mango was in shed on...
  7. lizardlauren

    baby bearded dragon appears to be dying

    hi everyone, im posting here because im very concerned about the health of my girlfriends baby bearded dragon, harold. we adopted harold together from a reputable reptile store. he was very little when we got him, probably 2 months max. she has had him for about a month, and the whole time it...
  8. M

    Baby Beardie hasn’t eaten over a week; weird symptoms

    Hi everyone! I’m hoping someone out there can help me. I got my little guy Miko almost 2 weeks ago from PetSmart (yeah…I know not the best) and I started noticing some weird symptoms after a couple of days. Miko was estimated to be between 3-6 months old (baby) and he weights 8 grams. He hasn’t...
  9. G

    Is my Beardie Dead

    Hello, I just joined this website to confirm whether this looks like a dead bearded dragon or not. He did a lot of strange things yesterday and we though we had confirmed it to be because of brumation. Now he looks dead and I’m pretty sure he did but just to be sure as a first time owner. He is...
  10. B

    Lethargic, no appetite, sunken/bulging eyes, gulping, black beard, etc. Help.

    Hi everyone, I'm desperate and need help. So sorry for the long post! Just very concerned. I have a beautiful boy named Albert, and he's been ill for about almost 2 weeks now and is getting worse. He has a black beard all the time now, and half of his tail is dark most of the time. He's very...
  11. A

    New beardie, sick??

    Hello everyone! I just brought home this beardie a few days ago and am worried about the weird bumps and his discolored this normal? Any ideas?
  12. S

    Not Eating after having no Heat

    I have an almost 5 year old male dragon, we had a big power outage a bit over a week ago, our house lost power for 7 nights. During that time, I had him out with me as much as I could, to use me for warmth and comfort, and I was refilling a hot water bottle ever few hours that I would place on...
  13. K

    Does My Rescue Have Yellow Fungus?

    Long story but I feel like its important to get all in. I got a bearded dragon from my friend who had him for about a year, she had got him from a breeder who had him for about 1 1/2 years. My friend didn’t do much research on beardies and unintentionally had the guy in pretty bad conditions. I...
  14. Sulitlana

    Juvenile Bearded Dragon Eating Less - None and No normal sized BM in 2 days.

    Here are my stats and info at the moment: Will/Can add pictures of dragon and enclosure later today. Dragon : Under a year old, not totally sure on age, but we have had him from when he was a baby since about November of 2021 so roughly gonna guess 8 months of age. No signs of MBD, seems a...
  15. A

    Dark spots on my beardie

    I recently adopted my beardie but I noticed these dark spots showing up on him every once and awhile I’m afraid its scale rot but I can’t tell!
  16. Carpenter Dad

    Juvenile seems Lethargic

    he is roughly 7-8 weeks old (petsmart purchase). very lethargic hopefully not sick. was very hyper and ate great for the first couple of weeks, but now in our third.. he isn’t eating, not walking around anymore and constantly keeps his eyes shut 80% of the time. eyes are nicely shaped when...
  17. J

    Bearded dragon not looking so good

    Hi, I have about a 6/7 month old dragon, and he’s been great up to now. Past couple days he’s looked really tired and shutting his eyes during the day time, his lights and temperature and humidity is perfect so I’m not sure what’s going on! He’s sat under the basking light as he’s warm...
  18. S

    Rescue bearded dragon MBD? rehabilitation

    Hello, I recently received a bearded dragon (my guess is she’s 4-6 months old?) she is a rescue. My neighbors asked if we wanted her.. we said yes.. when we got her she was in a 10 gallon tank and UVB light was burned out. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated. She was flat and sunken in...
  19. L

    Sick, done all I can do…Please help!!

    My bearded dragon’s name is Littlefoot. She is 7 years old, and she has always been healthy up until the last couple of months. I first started noticing that she wasn’t as hungry as she normally was. She didn’t have that much energy. She wouldn’t eat even if I hand fed her. That kind of came and...
  20. M

    Beardie might be dying

    Hello all. Sorry for posting again. But I think my sweet girl might be on her way out. I can’t really believe I’m typing this right now. But even after treatment for pinworms, daily soaks, syringe feeding and nutritional slurries, Delta has not shown any improvements. She’s pooped four times...
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