1. Radarsmama72

    Radar’s Remembrance

    Hi guys. This is going to be graphic but I want to understand what happened to Radar. 9yr old sunburst male, spunky and moody and huge. Yesterday was normal feeding, two Dubai roaches XL, and then scattered spinach. Roaches were dusted in calcium. This is what the vet recommended we feed...
  2. C

    My bearded dragon had to be euthanized yesterday:( Malpractice?

    About 2 weeks ago my bearded dragon stopped eating her greens, I assumed she was just being stubborn since she was still eating her bugs. A week later I realized some discoloration on her back near her tail. I scheduled a wellness check up and it was this Tuesday. As it got closer to the day of...
  3. T

    I think the end is near

    I have an 11? year-old dragon who has really slowed down over the past few months. His eyesight is terrible and he will not eat on his own. We have been syringe feeding him Beardie Buffet, Grub Pie, or Critical Care. He will usually lap it up pretty well for me, but not really for anyone...
  4. A


    We had a beardie and her name was Lagertha, from the vikings movie. On which sadly, she passed a few days now. We noticed that the first parts that contracted/hardened were her eyes, fingers/arms and her snout but the rest of the body remained soft. She's a special beardie to us and we're...
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