In need of some advice, we have yellow fungus

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My sweet Pixel has just been diagnosed with yellow fungus. I'm looking for any suggestions or advice on caring for her.

I'm waiting for my vet to get her oral medication on Monday and for now I am told to apply monistat topically.

Any advice is appreciated..

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I'm so, so sorry ! I saw your post in the E.R. Is the vet prescribing itraconazole ? That's the med. that I've heard is the best for it. And Monistat is also what I've read is used topically, or other anti fungal creams. Hopefully she can maintain her health and even live with it under control. That's my sincere hope for you + sweet Pixel !


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Thank you so much. I'm not sure the name of the medication, but that does sound similar to what he said. I just hope she's not in pain.


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this is what we're using to treat the yellow fungus:

and this is to treat coccidia:

Anybody know or have any opinions on these medications?

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I may be mistaken but don't think so. I thought toltrazuril was for coccidian? If it was given for coccidian then its an excellent med. It cleared up my geico's coccidia in two doses. Never heard of it given for anything other than coccidia. Its other name I believe is Baycox. If given for yellow fungus I would check with Drache613 about it.

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The top one is voriconazole, which looks to be one of the preferred treatments for yellow fungus. It's listed as an alternative to the one ADBH mentioned.
The tonazuril is supposed to be a preferred choice for Coccidia in dragons as well, as it is more targeted. Albon is more broad spectrum and can be harder on the system.

Good luck with little Pixel, I'll be rooting for her.


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thanks so much for the advice.

the vet seemed to believe the voriconazole was the best way to treat her. i'm really hoping it works. she looks absolutely miserable and it kills me.

she had her first dose of both meds last night and today she is actually up on her platform basking a bit and doing some waving and beard stretches which I haven't seen for a few days... she had a nice big healthy poop too, which weirdly always makes us all happy.


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So sorry to her sweet pixel has yellow fungus my dad has a good background in biology and taught me that you really need to keep pixel away from any other animal my dad says it spreads it fungus spores like wild fire.
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