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So as of lately I have been asked quiet a bit on how to wire up a T8 fixture and where to find a hood for them. Well I have put this little post together so you can put the light fixture and hood minus the bulb together for under $40.00. For a 40 gallon tank. If you need other sizes just let me know. I have ways to make holders for your fixtures if you need it otherwise it will sit nice on top of the cage just so. Again this is for people that don`t want to spend $150.00+ on a fixture and hood minus the light!

Items needed:
Fixture for a T8 bulb that will hold 25-35 amps. $25.00. You can get it from wallmart or an electric supply store. I got mine from a local electric supply company for $25.00.
1 cord end $6.00 or you could even use an old extension cord with the female end cut off, just make sure it will hold 30amps.
1 roll of Vent duct tape, the type you repair vents or ducts in your home with that is chrome. Got it at home depot for $7.00 make sure it says UL on it.
= $38.00
Next a flat head screwdriver, electrical tape and scissors.

First you will you will need to assemble the fixture. When you take it out of the box KEEP THE BOX because this will be your hood! Attach the wires black to black, white to white and the green wire gets screwed into the fixture itself. I always use wire nut caps to put the wires together and then electrical tape them after. Pop the ends up and put the caps on the ends as well. Most fixtures will have a piece of steel you can pop out for the cord to run through. Here is what that part looks like.







Next you will want to take the saved box and cut it length wise and lay it flat on the table. Then you want to take your chrome tape and tape both sides with it. I did both sides because it will hold its shape for which ever way you put it.




Form the box errrrrr your new hood to which ever way it fits over the light fixture. Add your light and your done! A fixture and hood for under $40.00!

Without the hood you can see the light does not cover the whole cage.

With the hood you can now see how the reflection covers the whole cage.






Any questions just ask and maybe I can get one of the Great mods to sticky this! Any questions comments or concerns?


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great stuff can i use tin foil? i am going to use this but with a slight change but yes its helped alot. thanks


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Bump so I can find it tomorrow when I'm nagging my DH to build these for me.

Imagine my surprise when I got my fixtures home (all giddy from saving the money not buying them from the pet store) and realized there was nothing to plug into the wall! :)


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Thank you so much for posting these! I couldn't believe how easy it was to put them together once you have the pictures there. My DH had both lights (48 in and a 24 in) done within 45 minutes. Yay!
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