Hornworms and Green Peppers

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Today in my garden, I found a Green Pepper plant that was destroyed by a hornworm. (Found the hornworms on the plant eating away at what was left) I know you cant raise hornworms on tomatoe plants and feed them to your dragon because they are toxic, but what about hornworms raised on green pepper plants? I am not going to feed this one to my dragon, but I am wondering about the "manduca project" with a few pepper plants instead of a tomatoe plant. Then I could just let the eggs hatch in the box and feed off the plant until ready to serve right? Any thoughts?


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As a followup, just so people are aware of what I found out. Green Pepper, Tomatoes, Eggplant and a few other vegetables are members of the nightshade family of plant species. Apparently the leaves are poisonous. I never got a definitive answer as to the carry through of toxicity, but found they are of the same family, I am scrapping the idea. Its back to homemade vitamin fudge for the hornworms. ;-)


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That's good info to know. Thanks for researching. I didn't think about the nightshade family including peppers. Scary! Potatoes, too. :shock:
vitamin fudge
:laughhard: :laughhard: :laughhard: :laughhard:


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LOL. No I'm kidding. I never tasted it. I am just judging the taste by the odor when your mixing it up. I did read that the US is the only country (save for Canada) that does not eat some sort of bug. I wonder what a hornworm would taste like. hmmm. :study:
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