help! does his mouth look ok?


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I've just noticed my my beardie has black stains on his upper teeth. he's never had this before. I'm also worried his gums on the bottom are kind of white. does his mouth look alright to you guys? he doesn't have any loss of appetite or energy. I've added carrots and dubia roaches to help clean his teeth. I also ordered MaxiGuard for a better clean if nothing else works. I guess I'm just wondering if I should be worried and take him to the vet or should just continue what I'm doing. also kinda worried about how safe the MaxiGuard is, should I be concerned about him investing too much?

ps. I know he's missing some teeth (he's around 9-10 and was from a rescue, was in bad shape but he's since gained weight and is otherwise healthy)


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His mouth looks fine :)

If you want, the crunchier insects and food items will help with any plaque buildup. But that's really not an issue with bearded dragons.


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