health issues

  1. E

    help! does his mouth look ok?

    I've just noticed my my beardie has black stains on his upper teeth. he's never had this before. I'm also worried his gums on the bottom are kind of white. does his mouth look alright to you guys? he doesn't have any loss of appetite or energy. I've added carrots and dubia roaches to help clean...
  2. nuclearkielbasa

    Bright Green + yellow 'shell' over urate?

    Has anyone encountered a green and yellow 'shell' around their beardies' urate before? Niblet has had 2 of them so far. They are hard and green with a yellow tip, but when cracked open the urate is bright white. It reminds me of a chili pepper. His poops are hearty and well-digested. Only had...
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