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K when I get home I will make the fb page can someone make a blog and someone do the petition for the blog we will have To update as much as we can to
Evergreen":36vqjokk said:
Can non members see this thread? I can't really remember but I thought when I joined I could only see old posts. Maybe not... :?

We'll need to know exactly what were doing before we make a petition so it looks professional. Maybe there's a member here involved in politics/business/something professional that can help with effective wording?
I don't know. I was one of the best in my debate class if that counts for anything.
Are we going to have like, head peeps to this? Where there are like 5 or 6 people that sort of are in charge? Also, should we have a special email set up for it that those 'in charge'ers' use? lol


Maybe reach out to other reptile forums.

I know when I was researching getting a chameleon the forum: has a lot of experienced chameleon/reptile enthusiasts as well as a couple of vets and a variety of science community type professionals. There have been a lot of posts there lately regarding the care of chameleons (as well as other reptiles) by chain pet stores.

Just an idea to get more people on board and to get the message heard.


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K yes I will pm the people in charge I will set us up a email in a bit and send u the email and password maybe on the blog their can be a donate if someone knows how to set that up 2.evergreen would u like to setup the pettiton??? If not I will do no pressure lol 3.btw we really need to figure out how people can help so there's donate like the fb page and sign the petition anything else? 4. How do u guys want to get this advertised the zoo med sounded good news we can try radio could work actually any other ideas?


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Yes I can set up the petition and that other fourm would be great too. Ill wait until more members can see this post so we can get more input on how to word the petition since that's where everyone will be signing.

I think the fundraising is a good idea but it might be best to just focus on one issue at a time. Hopefully we'll get ahold of some rescues though and their support will get their name out there and hopefully boost donations.

Go debate team! Your hired :D


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Why don't we get the fb blog and petition set up then go on other forums and explain what we're doing And how they can help also


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Make sure you reach out to other reptile forums privately. The admins here frown on the advertisement of other reptile forums in posts on this site.


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This is a great idea! The Facebook site will be a great place for it too. When people and animals can become famous from their page then I'm sure it can help a lot!

When you get it up and going, I'll post a link to it from Yaddle's Facebook page :mrgreen: I'll also post it on Bowser's facebook page (my sulcata tortoise)

Good luck with this :headbang:


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Im going to try to write some letters/send some emails to various news stations in my area. Maybe if I'm persistent someone will pay attention. Its just amazing that the horrible conditions have been allowed to continue for so long. I think the petition should focus more on prompting the government to create and enforce regulations that require higher standards for pet stores. I thinks thats the only way to insure EVERY pet store, local and chain, has to maintain a good quality of life to the animals under their care.
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